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Short note

Just checking in for a short note to report that I weighed in at 211lbs for the weight loss challenge.
Some other notes:
Having some issues remembering all the books that I’ve read in the last 6-8 months. I should have kept better track, but I’m working on it.
I have some other bigger news, you know…things to cross off. Just have to get used to using my iPad or go get my laptop. The app is a bit different than the website, but I’m having a chance to watch the ins and outs of it.


I’m Back!! and this time I mean it…

August 1, 2012 1 comment

Hello again…

After months of exile from my beloved blog I am making a (hopefully) triumphant return. We have a lot to catch up on so I am hoping to fill quite a few posts in the next week or so. I deluge of activity that will bring my journey up to date.

First off an explanation. I fell off the face of the web for a few different reasons. Work issues, life changes, exhaustion, and needing to reprioritize what is important in my life all played a major part. I kind of forgot how to enjoy life there for a while. We moved into a new house and still had a newborn in the house to care for. Needless to say, Wannabe got lost in the shuffle. Enough of the excuses though, after some careful thought I rediscovered my love for my list and it can help me be the man I want to be. It also is an excellent outlet to get some of the craziness out of my head.

To the current…Today I will be weighing in for a weight loss competition that is being put on by some of the police officers down at our station. While I have dropped some of the unnecessary weight I pack around I am not even close to my stated goal of 185lbs. I will return soon with my official weigh in start. We have done these competitions before and I have found them to be very effective for me in staying on course for getting in shape. I am really hoping that these trend keeps true this time.

Some other things to look for in the future…

I am obsessed with food and eating. So I plan on sharing some of my favorite recipes. Ironic that I put this directly after I declare a battle of the bulge, but I firmly believe that you can eat well and still work out and become fit. I WILL NOT be eating tasteless cardboard wafers to lose weight. I’m sure that I could lose more if I did adhere to a strict diet of rabbit vittles, but life is too short to not enjoy each meal that you have while your here.

Changes to the list…

I was looking it over and in line with some of my new found gusto and prioritization I will be changing a few items on the list. Some because they are no longer possible, and some because I am in a different place than I was when I first put the list together. Mostly because I have things that I would rather accomplish now than I did 2 years ago.


My 2 boys and wife encompass 95% of my life. That is the way life should be. The other 5% is work, friends, hobbies (blog), and all that other junk. So if you visit your going to see a lot of my fam and our adventures. One of the reasons I started this in the first place was to be a better dad and show my sons that life is meant to be lived and celebrated. Not trudged through and living to work. That being said some of the big deals in my household are The Avengers, Batman, Spider-man, Maldonado Crazy Monkeys, and lots of toys to play with.

New Found Things…

I will also be sharing new things, places and people that I discover in life. Recently I posted about my good friends Charlie and Cindy Miller and their family’s McCloud business, McCloud Outdoors. I will be sharing more and more items like this in hopes that someone finds and reads this and decides to visit some of the things I enjoy in life. I have another waiting to go already…Just waiting for The Cartman to launch. (I hope he still reads this)


Thats it for the moment. I pledge to be consistent and rededicate myself to documenting this journey, just so my boys have a way to go back and look at some of the things that we did in our lives. Thank you for stopping by and please feel free to drop a comment, even if it’s just to say hello. Everyone like to see comments on their page.


I made it!

February 2, 2011 4 comments

Just so you all know. I made it the 30 days without soda. I have will power.
I didn’t make it til midnight the last night and down my first Coke when all the hands of the clock were pointed straight up. I didn’t wake up and rush to the waiting bottles. I waited, and when I finally sat down to enjoy my first soda in over 30 days…It was disgusting.
Not the reaction you were looking for. ME EITHER!! Turns out I had been given some bad Coke. Not like a bad batch or anything, just really old, stale and flat. It was like Caro Corn Syrup coating my tongue. When I looked at the imprinted date I discovered that it was over two years past the expiration. Needless to say I was destroyed, disappointed, and devastated. A new triple D.
It took awhile, but deliciousness was finally achieved. It all came flooding back with a splash. I will remember that first good Coke for the rest of my life. Then came the sugar rush. I had a great high for about an hour after when I was just basking in the carbonation and laughing at everything on TV.
I learned that I can control my vice when I really want to. I also learned to make sure to check an expiration date before putting a food product anywhere near my mouth. I also learned that everyone that says you’ll lose weight just by cutting soda out of your diet is lying. I didn’t lose a single pound. Not one and the only thing that I changed was staying away from the soda pop. So don’t believe the hype. It takes work and effort to lose weight, not just staying away from sugar syrup water.
Just like that…What I thought was going to be one of the most difficult is off the list.

Light at the end of the tunnel

Well I am in the last hours of this challenge…last day of depriving myself of Coke or any other soda that I feel like downing. Today I’m feeling extremely proud that I was able to make it to the end. There were times that I didn’t know if I could.

Last night for example…Fam and I went to a local greasy spoon for dinner. Nothing goes better with a burger and fries that a ice- cold Coca-Cola. I was saved by a summer time favorite on the menu though. Arnold Palmer, that crusty old golfer has a delicious and refreshing beverage named after him. The half iced tea- half lemonade is one of my standards when the weather gets hot. It also makes for a nice change of pace to break the summer heat, and can be make for a lot cheaper than downing soda all the time. In a ironic twist my Arnold was brought to me in one of the biggest Coca-Cola glasses that I have ever seen.

A great substitute for your favorite soda, but they didn't have to put it in that tempting glass.

So I have a few more hours to go and no celebratory plan yet. I’m sure at midnight I could pop open a Coke and have that smile they are always talking about, but it seems anti-climactic at this point. All the suffering and temptations that I survived will all be brought to an end when that first sip surfs across my taste buds. I’m anticipating it being great, and am proud that I was able to deprive myself for 30 days, but it feels like there should be a greater reward. Such as last year when we celebrated with Salumi after our vegetarian experience.

The one thing that I can say that I’ve learned about myself with these two months of “suffering” is that I can control urges, even if it takes a bit of groaning and complaining. I feel that I can put a challenge out there and accomplish it. That’s a pretty awesome realization. It also is eye-opening that I don’t call upon that will power that I’ve now proven that I have to do some of the things in life that I would like to do, such as dropping a few lbs.

Well, I’ve still got a few hours to go so I haven’t accomplished anything yet. But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel finally, I just hope it’s not a train coming.

No Coke, Changes to the list and my Kindle

January 9, 2011 2 comments

I’ve been threatening making changes, and now that the year has changed I guess it’s as good a time as any.

It's so good when it hits your lips

But first I need to tell you about a challenge that I’m deep into right now. Apparently January has become “do without something” month for and crew and I. Everyone should remember that last year I went without meat for 30 days. If not you might want to go back and review what was pretty much the worst month of my life. (Special credit for that goes out to Pat Garrett and the infamous bacon pot incident…I haven’t forgot about that.) 2011 has brought 30 days with out soda. To set the stage I drink A LOT of Coca Cola. Usually one or two at a minimum every day. On a good day I can probably put six away, it depends on what I’m eating. Needless to say I have a special place in my heart and on my tongue for that delicious concoction. Not to say that Coke is the only soda that I enjoy. I’ve been know to do the Dew, Crush a Sunkist, and put down a A&W (usually in a mug with vanilla ice cream.)  The people that know me the best know that this is going to be very difficult for me to complete. So far I have been able to restrain my cravings, but I’m only 8 days in. I am very proud to have made it a week. I wanted to do this for pretty much the same reason as the vegetarian challenge. I know that I have vices and I believe that it is good to check them at times and make sure that you are still making the choice to use them and your not completely addicted. Its a control challenge. I just want to make sure that I am still in control.

The Cartman was going to take this challenge with me also, but parently the only drink that goes with Al Pastor Tacos is a Mexican Orange soda. After only a couple of days…WEAK!The Cartman's taco soda kryptoniteSo please wish me luck for the next three weeks as I try to avoid my nemesis. With a bit of luck #120 will be off the list on February 1st.

Now on to the changes that I’ve been considering for so long. I have spent a long time thinking about these changes and feel good with them. When I started out on this I always knew that I was going to get to a place that some of the items didn’t mean the same thing to me anymore, so this was an eventuallity. I’ll take each one and explain why I’m changing it and what the replacement is going to be.

#17. Do P90X…This was a big fad a year ago and it has been replaced by Insanity and some other fad workout programs. I realized that all of these are just ways for the creators to make $$$ off of hard working people. That being said I think that the Insanity and P90X are good workouts, but I didn’t want to look back in a few years and see that was on the list. I also don’t see this as a way to stay in shape for a lifetime. I think they are probably pretty effective at restoring people’s physical fitness, but I long ago came to terms with the fact that I am never going to have a six pack. It’s just not in my genes. That being said I do want to focus on long term fitness and use races as a marker and goal of my progress…So P90 had to go.

The new #17 is to own the perfect home. This is going to be a collaboration between my wife, my kids and myself. I like this as a life goal because it is something that is going to have a major effect on the rest of my life. Dani and I have often sat and dreamed about what we would want to include in a dream home. This is going to be a place that my kids can be comfortable and safe, and Dani and I can grow old in and host holidays when our children bring their children. This is also going to be a very difficult item to complete.

22. Lunch @ Salumi– This one is going to surprise some people given how much I love food and I fell in love with their salami last year when we ordered it to celebrate a month of vegetarianism. My thinking is that I have already tasted their salami and I have a lot of list items surrounding Seattle. If I happen to be in the neighborhood (aka Washington) I will be seeking it our, but I don’t feel that it is something that needs to be on my list anymore as I have already tasted some of their delicious products. I feel that the list should be things that I have yet to try or accomplish.

Salumi has now been replaced with The French Laundry. I feel that this is an acceptable upgrade on this item, and it will be a challenge for me. Financially this will be work as it is VERY EXPENSIVE, but even more of a mountain for me to climb is going to be not having any control over what it served and opening my mind, horizons and palate to the what I can only imagine is delectable dishes.

#37 Read a 100 books- This is just an alteration. I now feel that I need to up the ante and am going to ten fold. I want to document reading a thousand books with the same 25% or 250 books recommended to me by others. I also have been seeking out lists of people’s favorite reads. Stephen King always has a list coming out and a huge on in the back of his book, On Writing. Every celebrity is willing to put out a top ten list, not to mention the innumerable summer reading lists, so I don’t think that I will ever run out of ideas of what to start next.

#45 10 things out of the Change the World for $10- I was disappointed in this just because some of the items are so vague. I still plan on working on some of their suggestions, but it gets hard to measure success on most of the items. Like how am I supposed to be able to mark off that I smile more? So I promise to learn and attempt to keep up on the suggestions that I liked, but off the list it goes.

New #45 is Getting Interviewed on National Television. How cool would that be? I have no idea how or what I’m going to do to get on a national interview, but I felt I needed to aim higher. I’m hoping for like a Today-type show, or something very similar.  If you can help me out at all on this. PLEASE!

#97 Donating a day to helping a stranger- I just felt that this one was already on the list with helping ten others do something that they want to do before they die, so good-bye #97. Now to replace it I want to Learn to Handle a Firearm. Just because I don’t.

#116 Jump off a waterfall- This one I have done before. Up near Tahoe is a place off the Emmigrant Gap and a buddy of mine Brian Elzy took me up there and we leaped off next to a waterfall. It was amazing and I think that is why I put it on the list in the first place, to get that feeling back. Like I said earlier I feel that I need to have things that I haven’t done before on this list. 

So I’m replacing it with Writing a Play and having it performed. I think that it would be amazing to see something that you wrote brought to life on the stage. I have always enjoyed the playwriting portion of all the creative writing that I have taken. I think that I would be incredibly proud to attend a play that I had written and seeing my name on the program. Pretty narcissistic, but hey every one needs a little of it in their life right?

#117 Firefighter Combat Challenge– I think that this was just something that I put on the list for my buddy Wes. I don’t think that I ever really cared to do it. If the opportunity comes up I’ll take it, but it isn’t anything that means anything to me. I think that it would be fun, but not something that I feel I have to do, besides I’ve set up courses at work many times before. I know what it’s like to do it.

Now this replacement I don’t really have any control over, but I want to hit 100 visits on my blog in 1 Day. I will take this as a sign that I either my writing is improving or my life is getting more interesting. Which is the two main reasons that I started up this project and blog.

#170 Another clarification and this has to do with different interpretations of the Pacific Coast Highway. Some claim it runs from the top of Canada to South America. My route will be the California leg of PCH which I will define as a road trip that goes from Leggett to Dana Point. This is where Hwy 1 branches off from 101 in the north and terminates in Interstate 5 in the south. I also think that it will make a great trip.

#190 Celebrate National Months- There just too many of them. Each month has like a hundred causes to celebrate so until we all decide on 12 of them and stick to it. Adios.

Instead I am going to go Island Hopping in the Caribbean, which I define as a single trip that includes setting foot upon at least three different islands. I have always had a fascination with the Caribbean and the history, culture and people of the area. But I have never made it to the islands. Plus…That’s where all the Pirates hung out so it’s got to be awesome, right!!?? It will also be an amazing vacation for my family and I.

Well that wraps up the changes that I’m going to make…at least for now.

In some other news I got a Kindle from Santa.  I have to say that this is a great device if your into reading. If you are looking into one just know what you are going to use it for. It’s not an iPad, but it kicks the iBook apps ass. It sounds like all their ads, but the screen really is as close to paper as anything I’ve seen. If it has a draw back I would say that it is too thin and feels weird in your hand until you get a cover for it. A cover solved all my problems with the Kindle. Now the only problem that I have is trying to decide which book to read next. Another problem that I just thought of is can you call them books anymore? There are no pages, no paper, no bulkiness. What should the new name of “books” be? Bottom line the Kindle is a great product as long as you get it for reading, not for internet, or anything else. Just use it to read. I am really going to try and use it to cross the 1000 books off my list.

Eating, Reading and thinking about working out

Well 2011 is off to a rocky start on the on blog here. I can’t seem to stay up to date on the little things that I have been up to.

I did make a couple of things out of Tyler’s Dinner at my Place almost two weeks ago. An appetizer called Garden Puree Bruschetta that was very different and pretty tasty. It has peas, asparagus and green beans all pureed up with some ricotta so it looks a bit like guacamole, but you spread it over baguette toasts. It was good, so I took it to a party and it seemed that most people couldn’t get past that it wasn’t guacamole. I have to say that it was a great, healthy alternative to most appetizers our there.

Garden Puree Bruschetta...not guacamole

I also put together the famous “Pregnancy Pasta” that Tyler says his wife craved during their son’s pregnancy. I had really high hopes for this recipe as it sounds on paper like all the things in life that are good…topped with bacon’s prettier cousin, Pancetta. Unfortunately Preggo Pasta didn’t live up to the hype. I will shoulder the blame on this one (because I don’t have a Celebrity Chef career and restaurants with my name on them all over the place), but both Dani and I thought that it was a little bit bland. I even went back to the recipe to make sure that I didn’t miss a step or forget an ingredient, but it was what it was. I guess that I was going to have to find at least one recipe that I wasn’t a huge fan of in the book, but I really never considered that this would be the one that would let me down. It wasn’t a total loss though, I got an immersion blender out of the deal. I had always wanted one of those anyway.

Pancetta Carbonara with Fresh Baby Spinach, The famous Preganancy Pasta

I also put another book away around Christmas, Iron Will by Mike Plant. This was given to me by Larry at work and fits right into his active fitness lifestyle. Iron Will is basically a history of the early days of the Ironman Triathlon. It covers about the first decade of the race and how it went from a kooky character test of wills to the endurance phenomenon that it is even today. Ironman has long been a goal and dream of mine, and I really want to do the Hawaii race, so this was a great read to see exactly how it all came about. There are a lot of stories and myths that surround this race and Plant does his best to get to the real truth, but I don’t think any one that wasn’t there will ever know the “real” truth. There are just too many crazy characters and the stories get better and better every time their told. It has rekindled my triathlon spirit again and I need to find a couple of races to do this year. I would love to get another half iron distance (in 2007 I completed the Vineman half Ironman…still one of my proudest accomplishments) under my belt, but I’m about 30 lbs and lots of workouts away from undertaking that.

While we are on the subject, if you haven’t seen the 2010 coverage of the Hawaii Ironman race it’s worth checking out. One of the classic, closest races in the history of Triathlon. Plus it might inspire you to get up and out and do something you don’t think you can do. The best part of those televised specials is the age-groupers (ordinary folks like you and I) coming across that finish line after covering the 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride, and 26.2 mile run. Chokes me up everytime.

Til next time.

Couple of books, restoration, and changing the world a little bit

September 20, 2010 1 comment

So life’s been a bit hectic the last couple of weeks, not much else is new right??

Most of my attention has been focused on helping out my pregnant wife with things (especially Robby), getting into the new school year at the college (helping teach HazMat and Paramedic), work, and enjoying the end of summer. Just haven’t made time to get on here and update. Just so you know all of my other blogs have been neglected as well (Learning Fatherhood and Restoring 1R).

There has been some progress on the list though. #85 – Restoring an old vehicle has taken some major steps in that we go the engine running and were able to actually take our first ride in it. As far as we can tell it is the first time that 1R has been driven in about 20-25 years. The Cartman and I have started another blog that will focus solely on that project over at Restoring 1R. It has been really exciting and fun so far, but it is going to take years and lots of hard work in order to get it where we want it. The Cartman is telling everyone that he will be working on it the rest of his career!

Robby and I on 1R at the Car Show. People were really excited to see 1R running.

I’m a little behind in keeping up with my reading as well. Since I last posted I have finished two books Swine Not? and Saltwater Buddha.

Swine Not? was written by one of my heroes, Jimmy Buffett, but is not what I expected. No islands, boats or umbrella drinks here. However there is a New York Hotel with a pig living in it. So this one was a bit different, probably better aimed for the pre-teen crowd, but I got through it fairly quickly. Not something that you have to read to complete your life, but kept my interest enough to get to the end. All in all I think that Jim should stick to island tunes and swilling umbrella drinks. Got to respect the man for working outside his comfort zone, but really who would want to leave that place?

Jimmy and Jaimal, two island boys that got published.

The next book was Saltwater Buddha by Jaimal Yogis. Jaimal basically runs away from home in high school and lands in Hawaii which starts a lifetime of jet setting searching for waves and meaning to his life. I don’t want to give too much of it away, but Jaimal’s journey was inspiring in the fact that he went for it, however I was disappointed that he spent so much time looking for meaning instead of appreciating everything that was in front of him. I blame this on him taking this journey so early in life. I believe that I am just now getting to an age that I appreciate things that are in my life. The meaning of my life is my wife and kids, everyday I thank God that I know how much I am blessed for having them in my life. So I did get some reflection from reading this one, but mostly I really want to go surfing.

Ten things out of Change The World for $10…was pleasantly surprised at how many of their suggestions I was already doing. But I need to find ten of them to incorporate into my life for this item. So here we go…

1. Decline plastic bags while shopping. I’m going to attempt to remember to bring our reusable bags into the store and use them. Going to help the environment.

2. Get more fit and feel better. This is going to help me with some of my other goals on the list.

3. Register online as an organ donor. Having seen as many accidents as I have it will make me feel good to know that someone may live longer because I passed. This is the greatest gift that someone can give, so why not go out doing something great!

4. Read a story with a child. I have one here and one on the way so I’m going to have years of bedtime stories and kids asking to me to read to them. It is one of my favorite pastimes since becoming a father. Plus I love to read so why not ensure that this hobby gets passed to my kids.

5. Turn off unnecessary lights and switch to energy-saving lightbulbs. These are two, but I think that they really should be one. Again doing what I can for the environment and saving energy. You’d think that I was a real environmentalist.

6. Seize the moment. Taking control of this list and actually living the life that I want to live means recognizing those opportunities in my life and seizing them. I also need to incorporate my family into these adventures more.

7. Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth. Another one for Mother Earth. This is something that I have been criminally negligent at in my life. Especially when you estimate the thousands upon thousands of gallons of water that I must have wasted over the years. I have been pretty good at it so far, who says change is so hard?

8. Recycle your books. I have already left one on a mall bench. Who knows what happened to it? I have also donated boxes of them to second-hand book stores in the past, so this is just another that I need to keep up in my life.

9. Write to someone who inspires you. I haven’t figured out which of my heroes that I plan to write to, but I like the idea of letting them know that they made a difference in a life.

10. Join something. Going to pick something off of the page in the book. So many organizations that do so many good things.


11. Give your number to five people on your street. Just good to have people in your neighborhood you can count on.

12. Send them an action. is always looking for new ideas that they can promote to make the world a much better place.

13. Take a bath with someone you love. Not for the environment, just for the fun of it!!

There you go. Hope you hear from me soon.