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Well hello there,

And here it is again. My annual “I’m going to get back to blogging post.” Hopefully this year I mean it.

Last night I made Moscow Mule’s for my wife and I. I was flipping though the recipe book that I have been trying to cook everything out of and it sounded perfect for the ridiculously hot weather Northern Cali is experiencing this week. Of course then I began to think about Adventure Wannabe and how neglected it has been. Sad really, because I really am excited and love this project. So here we go again…

To be honest it’s not like I don’t have my list in the back of my mind everyday. I have accomplished quite a few items on the list that hasn’t been updated. (I know I know, what is wrong with me?) I have decided I am a complete and total procrastinator. One of the worst ailments in life. Who wants to sit around talking about what they would like to do in life instead of actually getting off their ass and doing some of it??

Time is not on my side though. I am raising two incredible sons and need to pay more attention to the love of my life and best friend. Is there any way to negotiate for a 25 hour in the day? These really are just the excuses I use to rationalize my lack of accomplishment though. I am a master of killing time. I love movies, tv shows, sports and most forms of entertainment, that is just a fact. Each one of those can kill hours upon hours in a day though. Time that would be much better exploring, educating, building, producing or creating.

Not all of my days are wasted though. I have coached my kids in several sports for the last couple of years and it has been a blast (most of the time.) I have completed a couple of online courses that should help me conquer some of my items. I have written a bit, I do have a monthly assignment for a recipe article in a regional family magazine that I have been doing for just over a year now. I have attended multiple sporting events in a journalistic capacity, even making it to Vegas for a PPV show which I thought was a pretty big deal.

What I am getting to is that I am not feeling that I make the best use of my time. This endeavor illustrates just how much I would like to get done in this life and I feel I am unbelievably behind schedule. So in the annual tradition of this post I will once again commit to getting more done, learning more and most importantly exploring more. Hopefully that will all lead to documenting more.

Hopefully sooner rather than later.



Hunter S.

“Life’s journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting ‘Holy shit…what a ride!’” ~Hunter S. Thompson

Need I say more…

Special Delivery

February 25, 2011 5 comments

Might be a hiatus on here as I am about to go in for the birth of my second son. Hope to have some great news and further adventures soon. Gotta say that this is the greatest adventure of all though…

I made it!

February 2, 2011 4 comments

Just so you all know. I made it the 30 days without soda. I have will power.
I didn’t make it til midnight the last night and down my first Coke when all the hands of the clock were pointed straight up. I didn’t wake up and rush to the waiting bottles. I waited, and when I finally sat down to enjoy my first soda in over 30 days…It was disgusting.
Not the reaction you were looking for. ME EITHER!! Turns out I had been given some bad Coke. Not like a bad batch or anything, just really old, stale and flat. It was like Caro Corn Syrup coating my tongue. When I looked at the imprinted date I discovered that it was over two years past the expiration. Needless to say I was destroyed, disappointed, and devastated. A new triple D.
It took awhile, but deliciousness was finally achieved. It all came flooding back with a splash. I will remember that first good Coke for the rest of my life. Then came the sugar rush. I had a great high for about an hour after when I was just basking in the carbonation and laughing at everything on TV.
I learned that I can control my vice when I really want to. I also learned to make sure to check an expiration date before putting a food product anywhere near my mouth. I also learned that everyone that says you’ll lose weight just by cutting soda out of your diet is lying. I didn’t lose a single pound. Not one and the only thing that I changed was staying away from the soda pop. So don’t believe the hype. It takes work and effort to lose weight, not just staying away from sugar syrup water.
Just like that…What I thought was going to be one of the most difficult is off the list.