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Well hello there,

And here it is again. My annual “I’m going to get back to blogging post.” Hopefully this year I mean it.

Last night I made Moscow Mule’s for my wife and I. I was flipping though the recipe book that I have been trying to cook everything out of and it sounded perfect for the ridiculously hot weather Northern Cali is experiencing this week. Of course then I began to think about Adventure Wannabe and how neglected it has been. Sad really, because I really am excited and love this project. So here we go again…

To be honest it’s not like I don’t have my list in the back of my mind everyday. I have accomplished quite a few items on the list that hasn’t been updated. (I know I know, what is wrong with me?) I have decided I am a complete and total procrastinator. One of the worst ailments in life. Who wants to sit around talking about what they would like to do in life instead of actually getting off their ass and doing some of it??

Time is not on my side though. I am raising two incredible sons and need to pay more attention to the love of my life and best friend. Is there any way to negotiate for a 25 hour in the day? These really are just the excuses I use to rationalize my lack of accomplishment though. I am a master of killing time. I love movies, tv shows, sports and most forms of entertainment, that is just a fact. Each one of those can kill hours upon hours in a day though. Time that would be much better exploring, educating, building, producing or creating.

Not all of my days are wasted though. I have coached my kids in several sports for the last couple of years and it has been a blast (most of the time.) I have completed a couple of online courses that should help me conquer some of my items. I have written a bit, I do have a monthly assignment for a recipe article in a regional family magazine that I have been doing for just over a year now. I have attended multiple sporting events in a journalistic capacity, even making it to Vegas for a PPV show which I thought was a pretty big deal.

What I am getting to is that I am not feeling that I make the best use of my time. This endeavor illustrates just how much I would like to get done in this life and I feel I am unbelievably behind schedule. So in the annual tradition of this post I will once again commit to getting more done, learning more and most importantly exploring more. Hopefully that will all lead to documenting more.

Hopefully sooner rather than later.



The Fight

March 24, 2011 4 comments

Since the arrival of Cody almost a month ago I have found it extremely difficult to find extra time to get on here and post. Much less get out and do anything to cross things off the list. I would like to clarify that nothing on my list is ever going to come close to how much joy and pride I get from raising my sons.

If you have checked out my other blog about my parenting stumbles at Learning Fatherhood then you are almost up to speed on Cody’s arrival. I will say that hospitals and taking a month off of work to bond with my new son, help out my wife, and get a break from work I have gotten some reading in.

I have been very outspoken and pleased with my Christmas gift of a Kindle. Originally I was against the Kindle and all the e-readers that were coming onto the market, but my wife’s best friend got one and loved it. That made me think that I should probably give them a second look. Which led me to getting one and my only problem now is that I have a ton of books to read and not any time to read them. I asked my wife’s friend Kayla if she had read anything worthwhile recently and she recommended that I check out The Hunger Games. I has heard a bit about this series, mostly that it was about kids killing each other, and didn’t think that it was something I would be interested in. Then I started hearing lots of rumors about the impending movie (I recommend /Film for keeping up on all the newest movie news.) Next Kayla says that she liked it, so I figure I should check it out. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Probably had a lot to do with the fact that it was an easy read and went very quickly. Brief review is that it is a story of kids killing kids on a reality show type game. The entire nation has to tune in as a way for the people in power to show how much power they have. Plenty of surprises and excitement, even the slower parts kept the story moving. I figure it will make a very interesting movie…hope they get it right.

Nothing like kids killing kids.

I followed up The Hunger Games with a classic adventure in King Solomon’s Mines by Sir H. Rider Haggard. This story introduces Allan Quartermain on a journey to find a lost brother of an English gentleman, that may or may not lead to the lost diamond mines of King Solomon. I picked this for a couple of reasons, first is I have heard of Allan Quartermain, but had no idea what the actual story behind the character was. Second is that I felt ignorant of some of the great adventure storys that I should be passing down to my sons. It started when I read Treasure Island, then Captain Blood. I was wondering why I hadn’t been introduced to these stories earlier. So I will be trying to include a classic story so I can pass down the “real” classics to my kids and not just a Disney version of the classics. To the point, another great story. It had a ton of things going on, war, love, desert crossings, cave entrapments, treasure and of course a table of dead people. I will make sure that my sons know this story when then are old enough to hear it. I was also introduced to another author that I didn’t know before and will be reading more of in Haggard. I did find it humorous that he wrote this story to prove to his brother that he could write a story just as good as Treasure Island. While it’s different, it actually is right up there with T.I.

Classic "manly" adventure!

So now to the story…

To set the scene my newly born son is in a NICU in Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital. We have been staying out of a hotel room for the last four nights and are stressed out waiting for the news that my son will be alright. My in-laws have been taking care of my oldest son and came down to stay at the hotel and take us to dinner (in addition to seeing Cody.) So before we go to dinner we stop by the hospital to see Cody. We pile in their Toyota Sequoia with MIL and FIL in the two front seats, my wife and son in the next row and I jumped into the third row seating up against the hatch back. While parking near the entrance to the ED we notice a guy walking though the parking lot and yelling. Didn’t really think too much about it until he marched up to my mother-in-laws window and pounds on it with his fist and asks for light for his cigarette. My FIL has gotten out and is in the process of taking my 2 year old out of his car seat. My MIL says no and tells the guy to go away, to which he cusses at her and turns to leave. FIL then asks “What was that all about?” to which the guy turns and says “Is there a guy in there?” Now my predicament…I’m in the back of the vehicle with no way to get out. I can’t jump over my son or my wife that has just delivered a child. The hatch has no interior door handle. I am stuck with a front row window seat as this guy approaches my FIL at the back of the vehicle and starts swinging. At this point I lose all composure! I’m pounding on the windows and yelling to be let out. My MIL goes around to the back of the car and swings her huge purse and hits…her husband, instead of letting her son-in-law out of the back. Later she would claim that this is what she was “trained” to do in this situation. I told her to retrain and let me out of the car. My wife, who is the only sane one at this point, gets out and screams for help. Good thought. She then sneaks around to the back and opens the door for me. I then explode out of the back and run full steam at the guy, who must have determined that this family if crazy and he should leave. I am chasing this idiot through the hospital parking lot kicking him. I am also unleashing the filthiest stream of profanities that I have ever spoken before in my life. The guy scoots across the street and I finally give up the chase. At this time I realize that there are a lot of people around me, mostly medical professionals. I am thinking that I am going to jail because they must have seen my crazy ass chasing this guy through a parking lot screaming the language of Satan, can’t look good. Thankfully they are asking me if I’m okay. I go back to the car to my excited wife and scared kid. I am calming Robby and talking to my wife and FIL when I realize that MIL is still on the street screaming at the moron. We go to retrieve her and she is hysterical talking to the 911 operator. We get them back to the parking lot and I decided to go up to see my other son. The IL’s stayed and talked to the police officers. I don’t know what happened from there.

So there it is, that’s the story. I told you this story to tell you the two things that I learned from the experience. 1) Don’t mess with my FIL. He is just crazy and don’t let the little gray in his beard fool you, he is going to bring it when it goes down. 2) Don’t get stuck in the third row seating when a fight is about to go down. It’s the worst place you can be when your defending your family.

In a completely unrelated development I have started to read the Bible. I am going to read one chapter a day, which is nothing really, until I make it through the entire thing. This is to have a better understanding of faith, and because it is most famous book in the world, or one of them. I just would like to have that knowledge. I don’t know too many people that can say that they have read the entire Bible and I am looking forward to being able to claim that.

Til I accomplish something new.

Special Delivery

February 25, 2011 5 comments

Might be a hiatus on here as I am about to go in for the birth of my second son. Hope to have some great news and further adventures soon. Gotta say that this is the greatest adventure of all though…

A quick update

February 8, 2010 1 comment

So I know I have been slacking off the last couple of days, so here is the low down on what’s going on.
I answered an email interview with Melody at that should appear on her blog soon. She is interviewing people that are attempting to go out and live their life lists. Each Monday she does a short profile on someone…and she is hinting at a much larger project in the works. It is all very intriguing and mysterious. I recommend checking it out. Who knows you could be seeing the beginning stages of a new phenomenon.
This Thursday I will be crossing off “meeting someone with the same name as me.” I will be attempting to find Jon Corippo down at the MacWorld 2010 expo. Hopefully all the stars will align and I’ll put that one down. More to come on that.
I have a couple of other projects lined up, but they are dependent on weather cooperating. Thanks to Charlie I will be learning to ride a horse and fly a glider in the near future.
A director of the City Chase urban adventure race read my blog and is working out how to help me get to one of their races. That was completely unexpected and out of the blue. Just goes to show what can happen when you put things out there and ask for people to help you get goals done.
…Still haven’t put together my camera. I think I’m going to go do that right now!!!!