I’m Back!! and this time I mean it…

August 1, 2012 1 comment

Hello again…

After months of exile from my beloved blog I am making a (hopefully) triumphant return. We have a lot to catch up on so I am hoping to fill quite a few posts in the next week or so. I deluge of activity that will bring my journey up to date.

First off an explanation. I fell off the face of the web for a few different reasons. Work issues, life changes, exhaustion, and needing to reprioritize what is important in my life all played a major part. I kind of forgot how to enjoy life there for a while. We moved into a new house and still had a newborn in the house to care for. Needless to say, Wannabe got lost in the shuffle. Enough of the excuses though, after some careful thought I rediscovered my love for my list and it can help me be the man I want to be. It also is an excellent outlet to get some of the craziness out of my head.

To the current…Today I will be weighing in for a weight loss competition that is being put on by some of the police officers down at our station. While I have dropped some of the unnecessary weight I pack around I am not even close to my stated goal of 185lbs. I will return soon with my official weigh in start. We have done these competitions before and I have found them to be very effective for me in staying on course for getting in shape. I am really hoping that these trend keeps true this time.

Some other things to look for in the future…

I am obsessed with food and eating. So I plan on sharing some of my favorite recipes. Ironic that I put this directly after I declare a battle of the bulge, but I firmly believe that you can eat well and still work out and become fit. I WILL NOT be eating tasteless cardboard wafers to lose weight. I’m sure that I could lose more if I did adhere to a strict diet of rabbit vittles, but life is too short to not enjoy each meal that you have while your here.

Changes to the list…

I was looking it over and in line with some of my new found gusto and prioritization I will be changing a few items on the list. Some because they are no longer possible, and some because I am in a different place than I was when I first put the list together. Mostly because I have things that I would rather accomplish now than I did 2 years ago.


My 2 boys and wife encompass 95% of my life. That is the way life should be. The other 5% is work, friends, hobbies (blog), and all that other junk. So if you visit your going to see a lot of my fam and our adventures. One of the reasons I started this in the first place was to be a better dad and show my sons that life is meant to be lived and celebrated. Not trudged through and living to work. That being said some of the big deals in my household are The Avengers, Batman, Spider-man, Maldonado Crazy Monkeys, and lots of toys to play with.

New Found Things…

I will also be sharing new things, places and people that I discover in life. Recently I posted about my good friends Charlie and Cindy Miller and their family’s McCloud business, McCloud Outdoors. I will be sharing more and more items like this in hopes that someone finds and reads this and decides to visit some of the things I enjoy in life. I have another waiting to go already…Just waiting for The Cartman to launch. (I hope he still reads this)


Thats it for the moment. I pledge to be consistent and rededicate myself to documenting this journey, just so my boys have a way to go back and look at some of the things that we did in our lives. Thank you for stopping by and please feel free to drop a comment, even if it’s just to say hello. Everyone like to see comments on their page.



McCloud Outdoors

A good friend of mine has fulfilled a dream and opened up sporting goods and excursions business in McCloud California. McCloud is near the base of Mt. Shasta and is a great base for all sorts of outdoor adventures. It is surrounded by rivers, lakes, mountains, waterfalls, and more. Which makes McCloud Outdoors and Gear Exchange the perfect spot to gear up or sign up for one of their guided excursions. They have caving, rock climbing, shooting, hiking, camping, kayaking and rafting to name a few. I will give a personal recommendation that this family owned business will go out of their way to get you what you need while treating you like a good friend. And on their guided trips they will treat your and yours like one of their own.
You can find their site at McCloud Outdoors and Gear Exchange. So do yourself a favor and like them on Facebook at McCloud Outdoors or follow them on Twitter @mc_outdoor to find out about great deals on equipment and outdoor adventures.
Remember that you will only regret the things in life that you did not go out and do.


A return to Wannabe??

It’s been over half a year and a lot of things have gone down. Many times I have sat down to post and then dropped it. So as I’m sitting here now I’m wondering if I should continue with Adventure Wannabe or move on to something else? I’m not dropping my bucket list, but wondering if blogging about it is worth the time. Looking for any ideas and comments? If your reading this what do you think?

Bloodsucking original

November 14, 2011 Leave a comment

Just a quick post to relate a bit a forgot with my last one.

I have been reading a “horror” or scary story every October. This year I chose the quintessential vampire, Dracula.


This one started out a bit confusing, but soon I was thoroughly engrossed in the original story of the vampire as we know it. This was no Twilight or Ann Rice vamp, although they owe everything to him. And I was surprised by how little he is actually in the story.
The best compliment that I can give any book is that it provokes something in me and Dracula really made me uneasy and gave me the willies. It was quite unnerving. And that must be the secret to its lasting through the years.

Hopefully more to come soon!

A “shot” at catching up

November 11, 2011 Leave a comment

So I’m into the new house and WAY behind on this project. So in the interest of getting back on course I am going to speed through the last couple of months with a pic and brief description on my adventure. Sorry for the brevity of this post, but I will continue to wallow in procrastination if I don’t get all this out at once. Afterwards I will attempt to continue my journey and keep it as up to date as possible.

Ribs, Slaw and Black Eyed Peas from Tyler Florence Cookbook- All were very good!

Roasted Potatoes and Bananas for Cody from Tyler Florence Cookbook

Roasted Bananas, Cinnamon and Brown Rice for Cody from Tyler Florence Cookbook

The Score- A heist novel, I always wanted to be part of a heist!

Point Man - A how-to in leading a family through the dangers of the world with God as your guide.

The Magic Finger- I don't know what Roald Dahl was on, but it was good stuff. Another crazy adventure that I took RObby on before he fell asleep.

The Turtle Boy- A weird, strange, disturbing trip. That's what I get for trusting Amazon to give away a book.

Oh yeah, I know how to shoot this now...

So that last one I might have to explain a bit. My friend and co-worker Ed decided that it was unacceptable that I didn’t know how to shoot. So he gathered up some firearms and ammo and we went up to a range at the top of Cow Mountain. Along for the ride came another co-worker Pat (from Exploring NorCal fame) and his son. We got to the range and first thing that we notice is a 25′ tree burning right next to the staging tables. Next thing we notice is a guy directly underneath the tree, which I have to point out has been burning for quite a while and is threatening to fall at any moment, raking the ground to gather the brass from expelled rounds. So we get a table in relative safety and do a gun safety briefing. Ed was really good at explaining how all the guns worked and what to do. It really set my mind at ease, until I fired my first shot. It really is amazing that man has harnessed that much power in such a small package. After a few more rounds I was starting to get the hang of it and enjoy myself. I was still only hitting my target about 1 time out of 10, but I was really proud of that 1 time. After about an hour more and more people were showing up and it got quite crowded with people starting to do their own thing we decided it was a good time to go and we left.

I did feel much more manly going down the mountain.

Excuses, excuses

So just a quick note so you know that I’m haven’t forgotten (more so that I can justify to myself to keep going on this) about my lil blog here.
My family is picking up and moving again. Just a block away this time to a bigger house that hopefully will be much more comfortable and that we can actually have people over in. So for the next week or so I will be lugging boxes, lifting furniture, and hanging televisions, pictures, and other decor. Feel free to come by and lend a hand if your so inclined. I also will be putting off the catching up of little things that I need to add to my blog. Nothing big really… Books, cooking, firearms training. But we’ll get to that.
I also was going to attempt to NaNoWriMo this year, but am now thinking that I won’t be able to keep at it or give it the attention that I want this year. We’ll see but I’m a doubter at the moment.
In a serious tone, a man that had a huge impact on my life has suffered a major medical emergency and is fighting in an ICU to recover. It just illustrates just how fragile our lives are and that we should celebrate each day that we’ve been given. So make sure that those you love know it, and get out and do that little something that you’ve been putting off til “tomorrow,” because we aren’t guaranteed one.
Remember my motto…Its never too late to be what you might have been!

Like A Rock

October 18, 2011 1 comment

Its been well over a month…I have no excuses. I just haven’t sat down and written about anything. Sure I know what your thinking…nothing been going on right? Not exactly true. I have had some small events and put together some things that need to be updated on AdventureWannabe. I just have been lazy about it. I have sat down and gotten a sentence or two, but not much more than that. The motivation has just been gone. Is this the death of my blog?

Leave it to my incredible, beautiful, amazing wife to snap me out of the funk and kick start my list ambitions again. So for what I think is the first time I am going to get out of order of how things have happened to me. All because this is easily one of the most incredible experiences of my life.

It all started with my birthday. That annual reminder that death is stalking you. Well I completed one more trip around the sun. Hurray…

I got home that day and my wife made sure that I had a great time. Spent the day with my family and went to an incredible dinner at Francis Ford Coppola’s Rustic. I overate…and that is an understatement. This place is awesome, great atmosphere, good food, and I had a dinner date with my wife without kids. I love those boys, but I haven’t had Dani to myself since Robby got here.  Only hiccup was that Dani said that my gift from her (like I really needed anything else at this point) wasn’t going to be there until Sunday. Little odd for my girl…she overplans everything. (I didn’t pay much attention to it at the time. Looking back it’s odd.)

So the next few days went by and I’d ask a question about it here and there, but didn’t get much info about what was going on. Saturday night rolls around and my boys didn’t sleep very well. But being the good husband I am, I got up and took care of the kids. Not too hard, just getting them back to sleep.

6:15 AM her alarm goes off!! I was infuriated! Why is that thing set on a Sunday morning?!?!

Her response: Go get in the shower.

(Sorry for the language here.) WTF!! Why? (I just thought that. Didn’t dare say that to her.)

So there I am showering before the crack of dawn with no idea what is going on. And it dawns on me. The 49ers are playing the Lions today! I’m going to the football game. That has to be it. So I get all excited and get out and tell her I know what is going on. This last for about 20 minutes until I check my iPhone and see that the Niners are playing in Detroit. Its a little late to try and catch a flight to Motown. Back to square one…

Soon after my brother in law shows up and then soon after my good friend D. I guess its the three of us. Still have no idea what is going down. But into the truck we go and off down 101. Night before Dani had been making a music CD while I put Robby and Cody down for the night. Somehow Bobby got a hold of it and put it in the player. First song was Aerosmith-Living on the Edge, then Avril singing Knockin on Heaven’s Door, and I got it together when I heard Bob Seger belting out Like A Rock.

I looked over to Bobby and said, “I got it. We are going skydiving.” He just shook his head affirmatively. I immediately soaked my shirt with sweat, my hands wouldn’t get dry, and listening to how Bobby had been stressing about this day for months wasn’t helping. D in the back had jumped before, and swore he would never ever do it again, but some how got persuaded to join us the day before.

Bobby and I in the ready room

So we make it to Lodi. Get signed up and make it into our harnesses.

This is the Ramjet...He'll be pushing you out of a plane in a couple minutes.

Do you hear the Top Gun theme in the background...I did

Then I met my jump partner. I should have known when I heard the name…Ramjet. That can’t be good. Not to mention he reminds me WAY too much of The Cartman. Still not sure they aren’t related. He’s running all around and cracking jokes. All the other jump masters are like Navy Seals with their chutes and jumpsuits…not Ramjet, T-shirt and blue jeans. Let’s do this shit!! It’s just jumping out of a plane over 2 miles above the Earth.

The ride to your jump

Before I know it I’m herded onto a plane and sitting single file staring at a plexiglass door that is going to open and I’m going to leap out of. About this time ol’ Ramjet tells me that I remind him of his wife’s divorce lawyer. Jeez, this guy really knows how to put a rookie at ease. Some one throws the door open and I swear to you time stopped…All I remember is a bunch of yelling and being pushed towards the opening. Then I watched as one of my best friends in the world disappeared. He just left. And then it was my turn…

Picture says it all!

The next minute was one of the quickest and most incredible of my life. It was one of the most intense, wildly exhilarating experiences. I can’t imagine anything getting much more extreme. Even as I sit here writing this I know that there is no way to capture it in words, you truly have to take the leap to understand.

Then the chute opens and you can catch your breath and take it what exactly just happened. I was flung from a plane and hurdled towards Earth. Thank God that chute worked. I would have just punctured a hole into the vineyard below us. The view was unbelievable and Ramjet put the control straps in my hands and taught me how to move and spin and then I hear D yelling at me. We were descending together and yelling most the time. And just like it started it was all over…but the bragging.


So yeah, I’m full jumper status now. Should be getting my Skydiver membership card anytime. No big deal. Ha!

I have to give a huge thanks to my wife Dani for making this one happen for me. She is the love of my life and always knows just what I would like without me ever saying anything. You are incredible baby baby!

And I promise I’ll get back to updating. I don’t know what caused my little vacation from here, but I’m back. Some of the upcoming things will be benign in comparison to this birthday gift, but it’s all working toward getting these goals accomplished.

He got me safe and sound back on the ground. Thanks Ramjet!

And #29 is crossed off!!