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Extended break

I know I know… I’ve been away from you for over a year.

I have no reason to ask you to come back and check on me. I would have moved on by now. It understandable.

However, I am going to attempt to resurrect my little blog and get back to writing regularly. Life just got a little too complicated and there simply wasn’t enough time to dedicate to my project here. It doesn’t mean that I’ve been slacking on my listed goals. I’ve actually put a few to bed in my time away. I just haven’t made the time to share with you.

I needed a little time away to get some things in order, prioritize and give time to the people in my life that deserve it. Chasing my two sons around with my wife is also the most important thing that I can do with my time. They aren’t going to be this age ever again. Wouldn’t want to miss anything I don’t already with work and other distractions.

But I’m coming back to the AW. No promises or anything, but I have missed putting my pursuits down, and quite frankly writing anything semi-regularly feels good. Theraputic if you will. So I hope that I can win you back. Let you know that I do appreciate that you give a moment or two of your day to see what’s new in my zoo.

Changes are coming to my list. Seems like an annual update is in order. Drop an item or two that isn’t as important to me as it once was and add some that have grabbed my attention at this point in my journey. I will also start updating the accomplishments that I’ve checked off in my time away from the keyboard.

Starting now with #139 Become a Personal Trainer. Back in May I was recovering from a ankle injury that had sidelined me for several weeks. An opportunity to test for my personal trainer certification came up locally and I just didn’t want another opportunity to pass me by. Thankfully my mother bankrolled my enrollment and I attended and passed the test with flying colors.

I didn’t think that I was ever going to work full time as a trainer, but might take a client or two in flexible circumstances. One such circumstance presented itself and I was training a girl to gain some speed for her soccer career. Her hard work paid off tremendously and she just completed a terrific season. I did take some pride in watching her improve with the little guidance and encouragement that I was able to give her.

So I’m hoping to win you back with more of my adventures. The tone of them may be evolving with the growth and maturity of my family. The boys are now forming their own ideas of what is “cool” and “fun.” I am just going to strive to stay in that category for as long as I can in their worlds.

My certification as a Personal Trainer

My certification as a Personal Trainer

  1. February 17, 2014 at 8:33 pm

    Awesome to have you back and congrats on the certification!! Looking forward to hearing about your adventures!

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