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A “shot” at catching up

So I’m into the new house and WAY behind on this project. So in the interest of getting back on course I am going to speed through the last couple of months with a pic and brief description on my adventure. Sorry for the brevity of this post, but I will continue to wallow in procrastination if I don’t get all this out at once. Afterwards I will attempt to continue my journey and keep it as up to date as possible.

Ribs, Slaw and Black Eyed Peas from Tyler Florence Cookbook- All were very good!

Roasted Potatoes and Bananas for Cody from Tyler Florence Cookbook

Roasted Bananas, Cinnamon and Brown Rice for Cody from Tyler Florence Cookbook

The Score- A heist novel, I always wanted to be part of a heist!

Point Man - A how-to in leading a family through the dangers of the world with God as your guide.

The Magic Finger- I don't know what Roald Dahl was on, but it was good stuff. Another crazy adventure that I took RObby on before he fell asleep.

The Turtle Boy- A weird, strange, disturbing trip. That's what I get for trusting Amazon to give away a book.

Oh yeah, I know how to shoot this now...

So that last one I might have to explain a bit. My friend and co-worker Ed decided that it was unacceptable that I didn’t know how to shoot. So he gathered up some firearms and ammo and we went up to a range at the top of Cow Mountain. Along for the ride came another co-worker Pat (from Exploring NorCal fame) and his son. We got to the range and first thing that we notice is a 25′ tree burning right next to the staging tables. Next thing we notice is a guy directly underneath the tree, which I have to point out has been burning for quite a while and is threatening to fall at any moment, raking the ground to gather the brass from expelled rounds. So we get a table in relative safety and do a gun safety briefing. Ed was really good at explaining how all the guns worked and what to do. It really set my mind at ease, until I fired my first shot. It really is amazing that man has harnessed that much power in such a small package. After a few more rounds I was starting to get the hang of it and enjoy myself. I was still only hitting my target about 1 time out of 10, but I was really proud of that 1 time. After about an hour more and more people were showing up and it got quite crowded with people starting to do their own thing we decided it was a good time to go and we left.

I did feel much more manly going down the mountain.

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