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Excuses, excuses

So just a quick note so you know that I’m haven’t forgotten (more so that I can justify to myself to keep going on this) about my lil blog here.
My family is picking up and moving again. Just a block away this time to a bigger house that hopefully will be much more comfortable and that we can actually have people over in. So for the next week or so I will be lugging boxes, lifting furniture, and hanging televisions, pictures, and other decor. Feel free to come by and lend a hand if your so inclined. I also will be putting off the catching up of little things that I need to add to my blog. Nothing big really… Books, cooking, firearms training. But we’ll get to that.
I also was going to attempt to NaNoWriMo this year, but am now thinking that I won’t be able to keep at it or give it the attention that I want this year. We’ll see but I’m a doubter at the moment.
In a serious tone, a man that had a huge impact on my life has suffered a major medical emergency and is fighting in an ICU to recover. It just illustrates just how fragile our lives are and that we should celebrate each day that we’ve been given. So make sure that those you love know it, and get out and do that little something that you’ve been putting off til “tomorrow,” because we aren’t guaranteed one.
Remember my motto…Its never too late to be what you might have been!

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