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Like A Rock

Its been well over a month…I have no excuses. I just haven’t sat down and written about anything. Sure I know what your thinking…nothing been going on right? Not exactly true. I have had some small events and put together some things that need to be updated on AdventureWannabe. I just have been lazy about it. I have sat down and gotten a sentence or two, but not much more than that. The motivation has just been gone. Is this the death of my blog?

Leave it to my incredible, beautiful, amazing wife to snap me out of the funk and kick start my list ambitions again. So for what I think is the first time I am going to get out of order of how things have happened to me. All because this is easily one of the most incredible experiences of my life.

It all started with my birthday. That annual reminder that death is stalking you. Well I completed one more trip around the sun. Hurray…

I got home that day and my wife made sure that I had a great time. Spent the day with my family and went to an incredible dinner at Francis Ford Coppola’s Rustic. I overate…and that is an understatement. This place is awesome, great atmosphere, good food, and I had a dinner date with my wife without kids. I love those boys, but I haven’t had Dani to myself since Robby got here.  Only hiccup was that Dani said that my gift from her (like I really needed anything else at this point) wasn’t going to be there until Sunday. Little odd for my girl…she overplans everything. (I didn’t pay much attention to it at the time. Looking back it’s odd.)

So the next few days went by and I’d ask a question about it here and there, but didn’t get much info about what was going on. Saturday night rolls around and my boys didn’t sleep very well. But being the good husband I am, I got up and took care of the kids. Not too hard, just getting them back to sleep.

6:15 AM her alarm goes off!! I was infuriated! Why is that thing set on a Sunday morning?!?!

Her response: Go get in the shower.

(Sorry for the language here.) WTF!! Why? (I just thought that. Didn’t dare say that to her.)

So there I am showering before the crack of dawn with no idea what is going on. And it dawns on me. The 49ers are playing the Lions today! I’m going to the football game. That has to be it. So I get all excited and get out and tell her I know what is going on. This last for about 20 minutes until I check my iPhone and see that the Niners are playing in Detroit. Its a little late to try and catch a flight to Motown. Back to square one…

Soon after my brother in law shows up and then soon after my good friend D. I guess its the three of us. Still have no idea what is going down. But into the truck we go and off down 101. Night before Dani had been making a music CD while I put Robby and Cody down for the night. Somehow Bobby got a hold of it and put it in the player. First song was Aerosmith-Living on the Edge, then Avril singing Knockin on Heaven’s Door, and I got it together when I heard Bob Seger belting out Like A Rock.

I looked over to Bobby and said, “I got it. We are going skydiving.” He just shook his head affirmatively. I immediately soaked my shirt with sweat, my hands wouldn’t get dry, and listening to how Bobby had been stressing about this day for months wasn’t helping. D in the back had jumped before, and swore he would never ever do it again, but some how got persuaded to join us the day before.

Bobby and I in the ready room

So we make it to Lodi. Get signed up and make it into our harnesses.

This is the Ramjet...He'll be pushing you out of a plane in a couple minutes.

Do you hear the Top Gun theme in the background...I did

Then I met my jump partner. I should have known when I heard the name…Ramjet. That can’t be good. Not to mention he reminds me WAY too much of The Cartman. Still not sure they aren’t related. He’s running all around and cracking jokes. All the other jump masters are like Navy Seals with their chutes and jumpsuits…not Ramjet, T-shirt and blue jeans. Let’s do this shit!! It’s just jumping out of a plane over 2 miles above the Earth.

The ride to your jump

Before I know it I’m herded onto a plane and sitting single file staring at a plexiglass door that is going to open and I’m going to leap out of. About this time ol’ Ramjet tells me that I remind him of his wife’s divorce lawyer. Jeez, this guy really knows how to put a rookie at ease. Some one throws the door open and I swear to you time stopped…All I remember is a bunch of yelling and being pushed towards the opening. Then I watched as one of my best friends in the world disappeared. He just left. And then it was my turn…

Picture says it all!

The next minute was one of the quickest and most incredible of my life. It was one of the most intense, wildly exhilarating experiences. I can’t imagine anything getting much more extreme. Even as I sit here writing this I know that there is no way to capture it in words, you truly have to take the leap to understand.

Then the chute opens and you can catch your breath and take it what exactly just happened. I was flung from a plane and hurdled towards Earth. Thank God that chute worked. I would have just punctured a hole into the vineyard below us. The view was unbelievable and Ramjet put the control straps in my hands and taught me how to move and spin and then I hear D yelling at me. We were descending together and yelling most the time. And just like it started it was all over…but the bragging.


So yeah, I’m full jumper status now. Should be getting my Skydiver membership card anytime. No big deal. Ha!

I have to give a huge thanks to my wife Dani for making this one happen for me. She is the love of my life and always knows just what I would like without me ever saying anything. You are incredible baby baby!

And I promise I’ll get back to updating. I don’t know what caused my little vacation from here, but I’m back. Some of the upcoming things will be benign in comparison to this birthday gift, but it’s all working toward getting these goals accomplished.

He got me safe and sound back on the ground. Thanks Ramjet!

And #29 is crossed off!!

  1. February 21, 2012 at 10:51 am

    Awesome post, I was feeling anxious just reading about it! Great pics as well 🙂

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