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Surgery, Extra Hair, and lots of reading

August 14th I woke up at the station and sat up with pain in my tummy. (I have a 2 year old and tummy is perfectly acceptable medical terminology in my world. Belly, Stomach, Abdomen, Beer Dumpster…they all work.) I didn’t think too much about it at first. We had put away some pretty good sized burritos the night before and figure that I just needed to pass something and the pain would disappear. So I went home and went about the day, taking care of the boys, fixing breakfast for them, but the pain was getting worse and I wasn’t able to pass anything. By that I mean gas or bowel contents and to me that is frustrating.

When I got home that morning I told my wife to sleep in while I took care of the boys. When she got up a hour or so later she walked out to find me face down on the couch holding my tummy is obvious pain. Of course I tried to play it off like some tough guy and said I just needed to fart and it was no big deal. It went like that most of the day with the pain not subsiding and I became increasingly grumpy and less helpful around the house. Finally around six that evening my wife told me that I was going to the ED to get checked out. At that point I didn’t even put up a fight. I figured the worse that could happen was they told me I had gas lodged somewhere. I was wrong.

So I went to the ED and one of the Doc’s was a good friend of mine. We were talking about the Giants and everything was good. Then he did the physical exam and the entire tone of the room changed and he went from my friend to a Doctor. He told me that he was calling the surgeon immediately and that I would be in surgery in a hour or less. I was going to lose my appendix.

Last pic of me with all the original parts

Long story short…I woke up without an appendix. Surgeon told me that I was lucky to have come in when I did, that another hour or hour and a half and it might have burst and then my procedure wouldn’t have been laproscopic. Took three weeks of lifting restrictions, but I am back to 100%.

I took that time to do something that I’ve never been able to do before…grow a beard.

As grizzly as I probably will ever be.

I’m a clean shaven dude. That’s just who I am. Beards are also frowned upon at my workplace. By frowned upon I mean strictly forbidden through department policy. The reason for the policy is that we have to be able to seal our facemasks to our clean shaven face during a firefight so that we are breathing sweet cool clean air instead of hot, dirty, chemical smoke. So I have never allowed a beard to take root. The longest I had gone is probably three days without a shave. For the first time in my facial hair growing life I wasn’t going to be required to harvest my facial crop.

No fear in that beard

Just before the hacking

I made it just over 2 weeks. Then Dani stopped kissing me and I couldn’t stand that. It was quite a topic of conversation for the two weeks that it was there, then it was gone. It was really strange that I looked weird to me. It was funny that I walked out and said hi to Robby and he had to double take and then touch my face a couple times, like he was making sure that it was me.

So just like that #156 is off the list.

Another side effect of the surgery was that I was able to get through a bunch of books. I had some time on my hands.  So instead of the usual long winded run down…well you’ll get this.

Bumfuzzle: Just out looking for Pirates, by Patrick Schlute- Young couple turn their back on “normal” society and point a boat west until they make it back where they started from.


a stolen life, by Jaycee Dugard- Memoir of the most famous kidnapped child ever found. Very descriptive and traumatic. Made me want to allow torture in the prison system.

a stolen life

The Help, Kathryn Stockett- Southern belle comes home from college and writes about all her friends little secrets and the horrible way they act and treat their housekeepers in the ’60s.

The Help

Heaven is for real, Todd Burpo- Little boy has an appendectomy and visits heaven, then comes back and tells his parents. I’ll let you decide what you believe, but it was inspiring and gives me hope.

Heaven is for Real

There, I think your up to date. I can’t promise for how long though. I don’t know what is about to happen next.

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