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#27 – Now what am I going to do?

#27 on my list is to watch a shuttle launch.


A couple of weeks ago NASA launched the last shuttle of the program. NO MORE LAUNCHES!

So now I don’t know what to replace it on the list? I also have #119 to think of…Something someone else comes up with.

The floor is now yours. Got any great suggestions that I haven’t put on the list?? I would love to hear them so that I can fix this problem.


Additionally, if anyone has a way to get me into Kruk and Kuip‘s broadcast booth for an inning I REALLY need help with that.

Happy Birthday to The Cartman!

And last but not least…another good friend of mine has decided to become a blogger. Check out her exploits at Adventures in Medicine and Mommyhood.

Hopefully will have more to share soon.

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