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Pirates and Stuffed Rabbit

I have been reading. I mean it is summer. Have I mentioned that I love the Kindle??

I am a big Pirates of the Caribbean fan. I enjoyed all the Johnny Depp movies and love the ride at Disneyland. One of my favorite memories with my son is riding it over and over and him yelling out more and more each time that we went. He loved it too. So I was stoked to find the book that the new movie is based on available on the Kindle.

Hoping that this breaks the rule "The book is better than the movie"

Thats where being stoked ends. It was an okay book. I think that my main issue was I wasn’t blown away with it. I was expecting to have a “page” turner and it just wasn’t for me. It was confusing, and a bit slow. The main character didn’t seem to want to be involved with his own story. I understand the reluctant hero, but come on! He has a chance to be a pirate! I know that it wasn’t seen as a good thing back then, but today it is one of the best jobs you could have (at least as an actor, especially as an actor.) It actually turned me off from the movie, which I have since heard is pretty good.

The next two are going to seem a bit different.

The Velveteen Rabbit has been knocked around as this classic children’s novel that I knew nothing about. I got the gist, some stuffed rabbit gets loved and lost. I didn’t know that the little boy gets sick, I didn’t know that the rabbit wants to be a real rabbit. I have to admit that it moved right along and was pretty well done. I can see where it can captivate a kid. I will be reading it to my boys when they get a bit older.

I am also happy to put my first bedtime book that I read to my son Robby. How to be a Pirate is a sequel to the How to Train your Dragon series. Something that I did not know prior to opening the cover. I firmly believe that reading to your children is an important part of raising them so I will be including any “chapter” books that I read to Robby at bedtime. Pirate was a bit crazy, but fun. Nothing in the book really makes sense, but it gave me a chance to play it up and make Robby laugh before he went to sleep. It is a crazy adventure with pirates, dragons, treasure, sword fights and bullies. Everything a little boy could possibly ask for in a story.

Dragon boy now wants to be a Pirate

Kids stuffed rabbit tries to become real.

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