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Is being a man an art?

Recently I became a father again…to another little boy. This is a ton of responsibility having to teach my boys to be men.

Leave it to The Cartman to try and help me. He introduced me to a blog that is dedicated to helping men claim their manliness again. He sent me an article that had the 100 books that every man should read. Of which I have added many titles to my reading wish list. I have really enjoyed the site’s articles and you can find it at The Art of Manliness. Apparently we are turning into a bunch of sissy la la’s. In my return to work my shift guys and I had a lengthy discussion about this particular topic. The next day an Newsweek magazine “arrived” at the station about the loss of manhood in this country and a call for its return. The main point of all these sources is that men need to start “man-ing up.” Luckily the Art of Manliness gives many stories of how men can return to being men, without resorting to the negative aspects in history. Basically men need to return to the pillars of etiquette, dress, grooming, money, career, family and skills.

So we as a shift came to the conclusion that we needed to see the 100 movies that every man needs to see. Thanks to Netflix streaming a number of these classics are available online and on demand. The shift decided that we should be able to watch one classic manly movie a tour. Last week we started with the Newman and Redford classic The Sting. A good film about men trying to pull an elaborate scheme. (I feel bad when I talk about movies and books cause I don’t go that deep into it, but I don’t want to give too much away.)

Since there wasn’t anything else on the tube we started another one. Bruce Lee’s last movie Enter The Dragon which is the godfather of all the secret karate tournament stories. Bruce Lee was an amazing martial artist and while the movie isn’t the most polished story, it has it’s fingerprints all over almost every martial artist film I have ever seen.

I was really disappointed to find that my Kindle was cracked. In the lower right corner a small hairline crack just appeared, which was odd because I go out of my way to take care of it, and keep my two year olds hands off of it. I called Amazon’s customer service and told them of my situation, which they surprisingly took care of. The Amazon representative didn’t hesitate and put a new Kindle enroute within an hour. Needless to say I am very impressed again with the way that Amazon is taking care of business. Thank you Amazon.

Baseball has returned!!! I love Opening Day and somewhere I forgot that the season is a marathon and the playoffs don’t begin til October. I have been yelling and screaming at the Giants, especially since the Giants lost their first two to the hated D*^%$&s! Luckily today they beat the hell out of them 10-0!

Last fall Ken Burns released the 10th innings of his definitive history on the American pastime, Ken Burns Baseball. I didn’t want to watch the end without seeing the first nine innings so I passed on it. Then it seemed as if the series fell off the face of the planet. I expected it to be everywhere, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. Aside from a few old VHS copies for sale on eBay it was gone. Netflix wouldn’t even rent the discs anymore. Then yesterday Netflix blessed its customers with the new edition of the Baseball documentary on disc and available to stream. So I am going to start wading through the 20+ hours of baseball history to cross it off the list. Seems like a huge undertaking, but every man should know the history of the sport. I am really looking forward to learning new stories and relearning all the ones that I know already.

So get out there are be a man…or a woman if that’s what you are.

  1. April 3, 2011 at 12:30 pm

    Hmmm, not sure what I can say about the art of being a man, since well I’m not. However there are many men out there that I wish I could kick their asses into gear especially on the family/relationship side of being a man. However after reading this it does give me great comfort that their are guys out there that actually think about this stuff.
    As for the Kindle I’m shocked that they took care of it. My friend received one that cracked the whole screen within 24 hours of getting it (he takes great care of his things) and Amazon refused to do anything about it.

  2. April 5, 2011 at 5:27 pm

    I really liked The Sting but what’s not to love about Robert Redford and Paul Newman? They should have been required to be in movies together at least once a year. Enter the Dragon was okay but I’m a girl, so maybe that explains the lack of appeal? Either way, I recognize it’s importance in the history of film

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