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Just a bunch of random stuff

A couple of new things have gone down. The usual, a couple of books, an attempted cross off, and just something cool.

Good ol’ Ed from my shift at work  has family in Oregon. Oregon just happens to be the home of the Legendary VooDoo Donuts. For those of you out there that don’t know, VooDoo Donuts is the off the wall crazy donut shop that is home to such delicacies as the Bacon-Maple Bar, Dirt, Ol Dirty Bastard, Memphis Mafia, and Cock-n-Balls. They have incredible cakes with toppings such as cereal, alcohol, cookies, and pork products. I know…sounds like deep-fried heaven for your mouth.


Greatest Pink Box ever...almost


They say “The Magic is in the Hole,” which I don’t really get yet, but I am very excited to try many, many of their fare. The box also says “Good things come in pink boxes,” which I couldn’t agree with more.

Which brings us back to Ed. Ed traveled up to visit some family and sent some pics out of his stop at the VooDoo. Needless to say I was green with envy since he was living out one of my dreams. Like they say, one man’s dreams is another man’s corner coffee stop.

I was ecstatic to find a big box of pink hued unearthly deliciousness.

Or they were at one time. Unfortunately they suffered from the only thing that can destroy a perfect little cake circle…Time. Donuts have a travel life. I think that 200 miles is about the limit of how far a donut can travel. Any farther than that and you start to taste the mileage in the glaze. And that is never a good thing.

But they look so GOOD!!


So as thoughtful and great a gesture Ed attempted to make in getting me to cross off another item on my list. The ‘nuts were stale and I just can’t count a stale ‘nut as an item completed. So thanks Ed, but your just going to have to drag my ass on up to Oregon and sit down with me, some good strong coffee and a dozen creepy, crazy confections. (I don’t know if that last part made any sense what so ever.)


Hello, Darkness...mystery with a blindside of sex.


I am a big fan of Stephen King, but probably not exactly in the way your thinking. Oh sure I really like all his stories and have read a majority of his printed work, far and away the most I’ve ever read of any author. Awhile back I started reading some of his interviews and then his columns in Entertainment Weekly. I began to realize the sinister looking dude in the photo on his book covers was someone that I wouldn’t mind hanging out with. I agreed with a lot of his movie and music suggestions and reviews. His blatant disregard for the establishment and “keep it real” approach to pop culture was refreshing in such a “cool” society. He was the first writer that I came across that didn’t seem to buy into the bullshit that probably surrounded him and just put what he was actually thinking on the page.

Mr. King (in one of his annual summer reading lists…which he had better continue to publish) suggested this novel by Sandra Brown. So I delved into the world of Austin PD’s investigation of a radio show’s telephone threat to kill a girl. I was really getting into this fast paced story of cops, promiscuity, internet sex clubs when two things happened. 1) She turned is into a romance and slapped me with a bunch of sappy “lovemaking” scenes in the Fabio vein of novels. 2.) Every character in the book was connected to every other character in multiple ways. The coincidences just kept piling up. To the point that I was wondering how Austin was such a small town, and then learned everyone moved to Austin together from Houston.

I will say that overall I enjoyed Hello, Darkness (even if I have to sing “my old friend” every time I opened it up) and realized what it was. A good summer read that is entertaining and you shouldn’t think to deeply about.


The title says it all.


There was another book that I finally got through. Everyone has heard of this Eat, Pray, Love deal that has been going around. Julia Roberts is making the movie. The book is changing lives. Hell, even The Big Bang Theory has referenced it. So when I came across a copy of it in our garage in a moving box I thought, well it must mean I need to read it. I mean how bad can it be, millions are reading and talking about it, she eats in Italy, prays in India, and gets some love in Bali. I was disappointed in the lack of food, didn’t start to get the prayer until she had left for Bali, and then ended up liking the end of the book. All in all I could have just read the Indonesia third and been content. I mean it was alright, just not my cup of tea. I am glad that I read it for that reason though. It made me feel like I was reaching out of my comfort zone for something I wouldn’t normally read.

Now my wife is a huge fan of Julia Roberts so we rented the movie. Horrible!! At least if you’ve read the book. I’m not a fan of filmmakers taking a lot of liberty with the stories, especially if it’s based on someone’s life. These guys took so many liberties it wasn’t the same story at all to me. I have to say the only thing I enjoyed watching the movie is that they put a Toyota FJ Landcruiser in it.

So one of the coolest things that I have had a chance to do lately is gaze upon the San Francisco Giants World Series Trophy when it was on tour and stopped in Fort Bragg.


Family pic with the Trophy


We had tried to go to the Giants FanFest the weekend before and got turned away due to the stadium being packed before we arrived. So it was really cool to have a chance to see and get a pic with their trophy. Something that I learned is that the base of the trophy is shaped like a baseball with stitches and all. Just something that I didn’t know before. I thought it was cool. As always I need to thank my wife for taking the trip to the coast and standing in the line for about 45 minutes with me…at nine months preggo. She is the most incredible thing in my life and continues to bless me everyday. Happy Valentines’ Day babe!!

So now your all caught up with me…until tomorrow.

(Oh yeah, The Cartman is up to his shenanigans again and has started a new blog. This one is dedicated to his love of eating anything and everything pork related. Go check it out at Joy of Pork, it’ll make him happy.)

  1. February 14, 2011 at 11:00 am

    I have actually heard of the VooDoo Doughnuts-that one with the Fruit Loops caught my eye especially. As much of a devotee as I am to my Krispy Kreme doughnuts, I may have to make a trip up to Oregon.

  2. February 14, 2011 at 12:45 pm

    I went to Seaside, OR last year and we made a stop specifically at Voodoo on our way and bought a dozen donuts. They have this grape donut with like sour fun dip that I devoured! I was just reminiscing with my friend about these this weekend about how we need to make another trip.

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