Light at the end of the tunnel

Well I am in the last hours of this challenge…last day of depriving myself of Coke or any other soda that I feel like downing. Today I’m feeling extremely proud that I was able to make it to the end. There were times that I didn’t know if I could.

Last night for example…Fam and I went to a local greasy spoon for dinner. Nothing goes better with a burger and fries that a ice- cold Coca-Cola. I was saved by a summer time favorite on the menu though. Arnold Palmer, that crusty old golfer has a delicious and refreshing beverage named after him. The half iced tea- half lemonade is one of my standards when the weather gets hot. It also makes for a nice change of pace to break the summer heat, and can be make for a lot cheaper than downing soda all the time. In a ironic twist my Arnold was brought to me in one of the biggest Coca-Cola glasses that I have ever seen.

A great substitute for your favorite soda, but they didn't have to put it in that tempting glass.

So I have a few more hours to go and no celebratory plan yet. I’m sure at midnight I could pop open a Coke and have that smile they are always talking about, but it seems anti-climactic at this point. All the suffering and temptations that I survived will all be brought to an end when that first sip surfs across my taste buds. I’m anticipating it being great, and am proud that I was able to deprive myself for 30 days, but it feels like there should be a greater reward. Such as last year when we celebrated with Salumi after our vegetarian experience.

The one thing that I can say that I’ve learned about myself with these two months of “suffering” is that I can control urges, even if it takes a bit of groaning and complaining. I feel that I can put a challenge out there and accomplish it. That’s a pretty awesome realization. It also is eye-opening that I don’t call upon that will power that I’ve now proven that I have to do some of the things in life that I would like to do, such as dropping a few lbs.

Well, I’ve still got a few hours to go so I haven’t accomplished anything yet. But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel finally, I just hope it’s not a train coming.

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