Cheating my way through #21

So I found a loop-hole on #21 Seattle Seahawk game. The original meaning was to travel to Seattle and watch a Seahawk game, BUT

The Cartman, Kyle and I at the Niner game. Ed’s back there digging into some carnitas nachos.

The Cartman bought tickets to the 49er/Seahawk game this last Sunday. Technically I have fulfilled that item as it sits on the list. For some reason I didn’t put Qwest Field on the list, I put Seahawk game. I also lived up to the reason that I wanted to put it on the list. I wanted to go to a live game with The Cartman, his team against mine. To make the day even better…The Niners punished the Seahawks into submission. They limped out of Candlestick with broken wings and a bent beak.

Great Xmas Gift!! Can you tell who is having more fun at the game?

So here is my dilemma, do I cross it off, or do I leave it and go to Seattle for a football game? Let me know what you think.

Did I mention that this trip cost me an opportunity to cross another item off legitimately? While I was off cheering the Niners to victory my wife and son were meeting Willie Mays. As much fun as we had at the game a part of me regrets not taking the chance to meet one of my heroes. On top of that one the is a living legend and a man who you don’t get a chance to just walk up and shake his hand very often. My wife waited, pregnant and alone with my son, for hours to get an autograph and a picture of Willie and Robby. She should be given Mom of the Year for that alone. Robby will cherish that photo when he is old enough to understand who and what Willie Mays is.

I really can’t believe that I gave up a chance to meet Mr. Mays. I pray that I will be blessed with another opportunity to cross that off the list. It is one of the most important items on the list.

Willie Mays, The Life, The Legend

The Legend's Autograph

  1. December 22, 2010 at 12:48 pm

    I love watching football. We used to have season tickets to the Jags games but we gave them up when they started sucking hardcore. Now that they are better, I’m considering picking up tickets for next year.

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