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Nothing but a couple more books, related to S. King

Well the holidays are here, and I haven’t had much of a chance to accomplish much on here, but I do still read.

First up I have had this book, Faithful,  since it was first released. I thought it would be a great recap from one of the best (until this year) season’s of baseball I had ever witnessed. Then I started reading and just couldn’t stay interested. The book is set up as a day by day diary of Stephen King and Stewart O’Nan’s documentation of the season as Red Sox fans.

Chronical of the 2004 Red Sox Champs!

I finally found the perfect way to read this book, I put it in the bathroom. I love reading in there and I don’t like having to stop a particular story so the short little entries were perfect. Additionally I grew superstitious that reading about the ’04 Red Sox was helping my ’10 SF Giants, and we all know how that ended. It was fun to see the parallel’s between their journey and mine through the season and specifically through the playoff runs. Just shows that baseball is universal and all of us go through the same roller coaster year after year, except in the year that they pull it off.

This isn’t a book just to read though. If you pick it up please be a hardcore baseball junkie that can deal with the emotional up and downs of following a team through the long, long, LONG season.

Secondly I flew through the second in the Millenium Trilogy, The Girl That Played With Fire by Stieg Larsson. Once again the book started out slow and had a lot of background information that I thought was unneccesary if you had read the first book (and you should read the first book!) Once it got going though it was incredible! I was burning through the pages and literally didn’t want to put the book down.

Lisbeth and Mikael continue to have adventures

It is one of those mysteries that grabbed your imagination and doesn’t let go, even when the criminal is revealed you are glued to the book to see how it is going to play out. This one didn’t disappoint.

I highly recommend Larsson’s Trilogy to anyone that likes strong characters and good mysteries.

You might be asking yourself how this one is related to Mr. King? Each year he publishes a summer reading list through his Entertainment Weekly column. This year the Millenium Trilogy was #1 on his list. Stephen King’s summer reading list is one of the highlights of my year. I have yet to find a disappointing book on one of his lists. I’m sure it’s out there, and I am enjoying myself trying to track down his disappointing recommendation. The reason that I love Mr. King, his stories, his insight into pop culture, and take on life in general is that he doesn’t take himself to seriously. He lets you know that he is just a dude that wants to be entertained. He doesn’t care if it’s “cool” or “hot” or “in.” If he likes it, or it’s fun he lets you know. This was never more apparent than when he repeatedly screamed from the rooftops about Harry Potter. It would have been much easier to stick his nose in the air and try to impress the literary world with all the mistakes and child focused plots, but who isn’t a kid inside. The bottom line is that Harry Potter was fun and he was willing to put his name out there and say that he enjoyed the ride.

So everyone take a lesson from Uncle Stevie, and the Life is Good brand…Do what you like and like what you do!

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