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Cody “The Boss” Ross – The NLCS MVP

If you follow me at all you might have noticed that I have given a large amount of space to the recently crowned World Series Champion SF Giants. (I still can’t believe I can say that!!) Well, here is another chapter in that story.
During the playoff run the love of my life, Dani, became infatuated with Cody Ross. Cody was a late season addition to the Giants, and if you believe the media was mostly picked up because they didn’t want to see him go to the Padres. Thank God that we grabbed this guy. He ended up being one of the key players that got the team to the title.
So not only is Cody Ross now Dani’s new favorite player, but Cody has been one of the names that she was really pushing for. One night, in another of those really close nail-biter games, I told Dani that we could name our soon to be born son Cody if Ross got a hit at this at bat. Sure enough he pokes a double into the outfield. So thinking that one time had to be a fluke I started saying that if Ross got a hit at “this” at bat we could name our kid Cody. The guy ended up going like 8 for 10 out of the times that I said it to her. I mean it was scary ridiculous.
The other night on the way home Dani mentioned that she really wanted to get a autographed baseball from Cody Ross for our new son’s room (Oh yeah, she held me to the naming him Cody. Went and got an embroidered Christmas stocking and everything.) So I google Cody Ross autograph signing or something similar and found out that he had been signing at the SF Macy’s that very afternoon. If I had only known…
Another couple of days went by and it got to be the week of Dani’s birthday and I really would like to get her that ball signed. So it was a miracle to see that Cody Ross was signing again…but it was sold out. No more tickets.
I called on the day of the event and pleaded, explaining why I wanted the autograph, and was able to get one ticket for my wife to get one item autographed.
All the way down to the event Dani was asking what she should say to him. It was really making her nervous.
At the card shop we walked right in and right by Cody Ross on the way to the will call for our ticket. Then we walked right up and Robby was able to give Cody knucks and Dani got her ball autographed. Without saying a word to him!!!

My son giving knucks to a World Champion, Cody Ross!!

It was all over so fast that we forgot to get a picture with him, so I asked if we could really quick. Cody was very gracious and polite. I thanked him for playing as well as he did, told him about our son and why we are naming him Cody, and Dani took a picture of Cody, Robby and I. Looking back I wish I would have made Dani get in the picture.

Father and son with the MVP.

Then we went home. It was all over.
Dani couldn’t believe that she didn’t talk to him at all. She claims that he was so cute that she didn’t know what to say. She didn’t expect him to be so hot. Exactly what every loving husband wants to hear after going out of his way to get his wife in the same room with someone.
Good thing I love that girl…and she got her new son a ball.

My wife's birthday present. Not exactly what I ever imagined she would want.

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