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World Champs, almost showered, Ralston’s hand, and Tyler’s soup

So I need to catch up on some things…

First would be can I get some love for the World Champion San Francisco Giants!!!! The last six weeks have been the funnest, greatest, incredible ride with any sports team EVER. End of story. I did let it take over my life a little bit, but I can finally say my team is the World Series Champions! Besides, what use is living if you don’t let yourself get swept up by events. We had dinner parties for the games and spent more time with our friends than we have in a long, long time. Sitting there after Brian Wilson blew that last pitch by Nelson Cruz and Buster Posey started jumping around like a maniac, I really didn’t know what to do. I have never experienced my favorite baseball team winning it all. It took a minute to sink in and then I kissed my wife, hugged my kid and had a drink with my friends.

I almost was able to cross #128 off the list when NateVagt’s wife ran out to celebrate by spraying us with champagne, but like idiots most of us ran when we saw her running at us. I guess my “flight” of “fight or flight” jumped in. Damn! How many opportunities do you get to take a champagne shower??

The Giants did help me get one more item crossed off though. They held a victory parade in the city as part of the World Series celebration. Had to take a day off work, but I packed the family up and drove into San Fran. The original plan was to take the ferry over and spend most of the day there. When we saw the mile long line of cars just to get off the highway exit to the ferry we took my Bro-in-laws advice to just drive into the city. Once we got past the ferry it was smooth sailing over the Golden Gate and into SF. Seems like everyone was thinking public transit was the easiest way to get there, and bound the system up so much that no one was really getting anywhere.

It was so crazy once the parade started that this is the only pic we got of anything in the parade.

Some of the crowd while we wait for the parade to arrive.

Once in the city we found parking and walked down to the parade route. Our spot wasn’t that bad, until the parade arrived and everyone rushed to the street to catch a glance of the World Champs. It was hot, sweaty and my kid decided to take a nap once the parade got to us. Which made him weigh twice as much as normal I swear. All of that was okay though. The main problem that I had was the inconsiderate morons that felt they had to light up everything they were carrying. I never really thought about the idiocy of smokers until I had kids and a pregnant wife that were being unwillingly harassed by second hand smoke. I really can’t believe that people still smoke in this day and age. I guess I’ll be working on their disgusting lungs soon enough at work. Heads up smokers!!! Smoking kills you!!!

The parade was really cool though. I got to see some of my current heroes and a few of my childhood ones. Not to mention Willie Mays and Willie McCovey. I have to say that the most incredible part of the entire parade was seeing Bruce Bochy hoisting the World Champions Trophy high over his head. I have never felt so proud to be a Giants fan.

So when I got home and saw that about a half million people were at the parade I thought, #180 See a major city parade, off the list. I doubt it gets much bigger than that, and it was something that closed out an incredible journey for my family, friends and I.

Some other things have been happening that aren’t baseball related.

Not a fun read, but it is an interesting story.

I finally finished another book. This one was Between a Rock and a Hard Place, by Aron Ralston. This is the story of the kid that amputated his own arm in a Utah slot canyon after a boulder sat on it for six days. The first two-thirds of this story were boring, it wasn’t really about the incident, but all that he did to become an outdoorsman. I’m pretty sure that the last third would have been just as slow, but I really found it interesting how all the agencies and people came together for his rescue. It did have a few pictures and the money shot of the severed hand sticking out from the boulder. I wouldn’t recommend this read, unless you really know the area in Utah, have undying curiousity of how he did it, or just read all the outdoor survival stuff you can find. For everyone else I am going to recommend going to see the movie that they based off the story, 127 Hours. It looks a lot more fun than this book was for me.

Last night I made another of Tyler Florence’s recipes out of Dinner at my Place, Dr. Tyler’s Chicken Meatball and Tortellini Soup. This was another amazing dish. I took advantage of the first cold, rainy Sunday with my family to put a pot on the stove. I believe that there is nothing better on a cold, wet day than a nice warm bowl of soup. It really can heal the soul. The piece that puts this bowl above other soups is the chicken meatballs. It was a great twist on the traditional grandma standby. I also liked the cheese tortellini’s, but it really is the chicken meatballs that make this recipe worth repeating and putting into my personal cookbook. This one gets a big thumbs up.

Dr. Tyler's Chicken Meatballs and Tortellini

So there it is, I’m all caught up. So here is the other half of the story.

I gave up going on a trip to Green Bay, but I got to go to the World Series. I have had a standing invite to go horseback riding, but haven’t made the time. This is my own fault and I need to make sure that I grasp the next opportunity to go. Moral of this story…I’ve wasted a couple of my opportunities. I have to get better at not doing this if I am ever going to make it through this list.

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