Game 2

When I started this journey I led with a few items that I figured were long shots to ever happen.

This is one of them!!

I went to Game 2 of the 2010 World Series at AT&T Park in San Francisco and watched the Giants beat the Rangers 9-0!!

The Ticket

I still can’t believe that this actually happened. My good friend NateVagt brought up the idea (that was on everyone’s mind) and kept at it and hunted and hunted Stubhub for the best price on tickets. We had to cough up about $400 for Standing Room Only, but I was on my way to a World Series game. Another of my buddies went to Game 1 and I was insanely jealous when I heard that he had bought tickets. Mostly because this year it’s not just the World Series, but a Giants World Series! This baseball season has been such a ride for everyone that is a fan of the team that it’s incredible that we are celebrating a World Series appearance (and hopefully soon they’ll close it out and we’ll be parading through the streets of SF!!)

The flag presentation during the National Anthem

So we convinced our wives that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity (True) and that I would wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I didn’t take this chance to see “my team” play in the Fall Classic (less than true.) My bro in law and his wife got tickets the day before the game so now I knew another couple of people. Their seats were in the “nosebleeds,” but if you haven’t been to AT&T…there really isn’t a bad seat. NateVagt and I made fun of him though. You know how he was getting along with his sherpa, if he was getting altitude sickness, and could he give us a heads up when the snow level dropped into the stadium. My group of friends you have to stick to anyone that is doing anything different than you are.

I do need to make space here to thank my amazing, beautiful, fantastic, incredible, gorgeous, excellent, glorious, brilliant, delightful, adorable, enchanting, marvelous and excellent wife!! She is my hero for putting up with me and supporting me through everything that I put us through. My life is only as incredible as it is because of her. So Dani…I LOVE YOU!!!!!

NateVagt and I at the World Series!!!

NateVagt and I left pretty early that morning to go and catch the ferry from Larkspur over to SF. Which was pretty uneventful overall, a quick boat ride through the bay to the SF Embarcadaro. It was a great walk from the ferry building to the ball park with all the hoopla and fans making their way to the park. The atmosphere around the ball park was incredible. Everyone was walking around high fiving, chanting and having a great time. There were a few Rangers fans around, but they seemed to be having a good time and weren’t getting too bad a time from the rest of the city.

Our view of the Giants jumbotron screen

Once in the park NateVagt and I filled our CamelPacks with beer. I can’t take credit for this small bit of genius, it was all NateVagt (yeah, it’s one word.) We got to the spot we were going to settle in and I got a small bump from someone walking by, not nearly strong enough for what was about to unfold. The next thing I know I fumbled the cup of beer that I had been drinking and a few drops landed on a backpack and a purse that the people that were standing in front of us had on the ground.

NateVagt desperately trying to get the last of his beer. This idea was inspired!!

You would have thought that I had whipped it out and pissed all over their things. I couldn’t even get out my apology fast enough before they were glaring and bitching at me. The backpack guy turned around and sternly explained to me that he doesn’t drink and now was going to have to explain to his wife why he smelled like booze. I was standing there (mourning my lost Pale Ale) honestly apologizing for my butterfingers when purse girl’s boy puffs up and asks if I have a napkin to wipe it off. I told him I didn’t and he stormed off saying that he had to get some to clean the mess. As he walked away I grabbed the rally rag that they were giving away at the gate and asked if I could clean off her purse. Purse boy comes racing back with his own rally rag and says that he’ll handle it. I thought it was humorous that he was all tough until NateVagt leaned over my shoulder and asked what happened. NateVagt is 6’4″ (and he’ll tell you just to make sure you haven’t forgotten) so he’s a big boy. Purse boy didn’t have too much more to say to me after that. I didn’t think that this was starting off too well, but I was still in a great mood. I mean I was at the WORLD SERIES!!!

The game started and Matt Cain pitched a doozy! He just kept going out and cutting them down with some help from his friends in the field. The tension was palpable, everyone was afraid to take a relaxed breath just in case they were the one to cause the house of cards to fall apart. It never did though and the Gigantes stuck it to those Rangers in the 8th with a 7 run inning. We were going crazy! In fact both purse boy, purse girl and backpack guy were high fiving and hugging me. Amazing how a few runs can change a person’s attitude towards you.

The Warren C. Giles trophy for the National League Champions!!

Another side story…We found a doctor that I work with sitting near us. Dr. L was going just as nuts as anyone which was great to see. He would run down to our spot and give us screaming high 5’s after a great play or a run scored. This is a man that I have always like and enjoyed talking to, but now we have a memory that each of us will remember for the rest of our lives. We were at the same World Series game. Nothing can take that bond away. Shows just how special this item really is.

NateVagt, myself, Dr. L, and Dr. L's Fam

In the end the Giants took Game 2, but we’ve been over that already. The place went completely bonkers!! Everyone was hugging and screaming and in disbelief that we were half way to a World Series title. One of the greatest party’s that I’ve been a part of.

After the game NateVagt and I met up with my bro in law and his wife and celebrated the win in Willie Mays plaza with trying to get on the Comcast post game show with Kruk and Kuip. The guys at work called and texted to let me know that they saw me bouncing around in the background during the “2 more wins” chant. Awesome!!Kruk and Kuip...This was as close as I got.

It was hard coming down after all the energy from the game. Thankfully my bro in law agreed to take us back to Larkspur, because we missed our return ferry in order to keep partying with everyone after the game. Big thanks to them for that!

Like all great things it came to an end, but I can scratch #7 off the List. I went to a World Series game…


I found out the next day that my cousin that I don’t know too well was going to Game #3 in Arlington. On top of that she was a Giants fan and was taking a bad ass sign for Buster Posey.

Shawna and her Posey sign

I also got to work and decided that we needed to show our faith a little more than we were so I hung my new Giants flag that bro in law and fam got me for my birthday off the back of the engine.

Don’t stop believing!! Humm Baby!!! Fear The Beard!!!!

Now I pray they go out and get this thing!

Flying the faithful colors!

  1. Dani
    November 6, 2010 at 9:50 am

    Does the SF Giants World Series celebration parade count for #180??

  2. Dani
    November 6, 2010 at 9:54 am

    And.. I think Jenny Vagt may have taken care of #128 for you also!! 🙂

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