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Your not going to believe this

I’ve given my fair share of time on here for you to know that I’m a baseball fan, specifically a San Fran Giants fanatic.

So you can imagine my excitement when sitting in a class on how to run fire incidents I start getting phone calls and text messages from my wife telling me that we are going to Game 4 at AT&T Park. I was jumping up and down as excited as a six year old given their free reign of candy at a candy store. Then she told me that her brother was the one that got the tickets.

Deflated is an understatement.

There is nothing that I would put past this man. It would be just like him to pull a prank and tell me that he got playoff tickets just to pull the rug out and watch me cry. I actually had a pain in the center of my heart when I realized my opportunity to see the Giants play playoff ball in person might be a cruel hoax. Sign 124 that I am WAY too into these playoffs. When your body starts manifesting physical symptoms for a team that your not even on…something is probably wrong.

So I text his wife and she tells me that she is having to rearrange her schedule at work to go to the game, so I feel a bit better. Although she would be his first accomplice for this prank.

To tell you the complete truth I wasn’t completely sold that we were going until we met up and I saw the tickets. Then I let myself get really excited!! I am going to Game 4!!!

Never thought that I would have these.

The game was one for the ages. End of story. Each team traded the lead and we were witness to some miraculous plays. I had heart palpitations and stomach aches most of the time, but it was the time of my life! We were waving our rally rags and living and dying with every play.

Sitting 2 rows up from Triples Alley. There is the Phillies fan that I assaulted in the background.

One small story, during one of the lead changes, the Giants came back from being down 4-2, I attacked a Phillies fan that was sitting in the seat next to me. I really mean that he got assaulted. I was jumping up and down, screaming, smashing his hat down on his head and pushing him all over. To his credit he was a great guy and took it all in stride. All he said was, “When we come back in the next inning I get to do the same thing to you.” Which in all fairness would have been the only fair thing. Thankfully they didn’t ever get the lead back. Funny thing about this Phillies guy…he brought an orange jacket to wear over his red Philadelphia shirt. I don’t know any Gigantes fan that would have done that.

As if scripted the score was tied going into the bottom of the ninth inning. It was the Giants night though. With a sacrifice fly by Juan Uribe, Aubrey Huff hustled across home plate for the win and we went nuts. The stadium erupted like a cork flying out of a champagne bottle on New Years! None of us wanted to leave the park and had to be asked to exit.

Another highlight was walking out to the Embarcadero and straight into the “on the

My Rally Rag from NLCS Game 4! It got a lot of work!!

street” team for the Bay Area’s biggest news team. We jumped around and acted like maniacs trying to be interviewed for the post game coverage. We didn’t get interviewed, but as soon as we turned and started towards the car all of our phones began ringing with friends sending us messages that they had just seen all of us on the news.

This was one of the best nights of my life. Dani and I had an absolute blast (although I wish I could have gotten her a beer, but Baby Cody comes first!) I do have to say that my bro-in-law Bobby really came through with getting those tickets. It was amazing considering how scarce and expensive some of them are going for.

Now Giants playoff game wasn’t on the list, but it should have been. It is on my good friend Alicia’s list that she just started. You can check it out over on To Do or Not To Do. Go over there and check it out. She is still putting her list together. I challenged her to 50 things, so maybe you can suggest one or two to her.

The family portrait at the after party...did not want to leave.

My boy rocking his new Posey T during the game. I'm thinking Future Hall of Famer.


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