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Got some catching up to do…

So I’ve been working on a couple small things to cross off.

First off, I attempted to grow out a beard in the hoopla of the whole SF Giants “Fear the Beard!” You know that I had to jump on that bandwagon. Here’s the thing…I don’t know if I succeeded in growing a full beard. So I want to leave it up to you. I have set up another poll and won’t cross it off the list unless there is an overwhelming percentage that believes I accomplished the goal.

I know, not the best pic. I had to shave for work though and this was as long as it was getting.

Here's another shot. Don't know if either helps

I made these shots large to help my case. Now that I’m looking at them I don’t know if that was the best choice.

I also broke open my Tyler Florence cookbook again. This time was for game day at the station. I prepared the Prime Rib Chili and the Corn pudding.

Hot and satisfying!

A little Poblano added a bit of heat to this too.

We needed a bit of “manly” food for the big playoff game. This combo more than fit the bill.

The only problem I ran into was budget. The recipe called for Prime Rib, which I substituted for Tri-Tip. I will say that even for a lesser cut of meat, it came out delicious. Only thing that I would have changed was cooking the meat longer and slower to make it a bit more tender. It was in no way tough, but could have been a little more “fall apart-ish.” The chili had great flavor and a decent amount of heat. I will definitely be making this one over again.

The corn pudding threw me off a little bit, just because I had never heard of the dish before and didn’t know what to expect. I was very pleasantly surprised though. Not as dry as corn bread, but very similar in taste. We found that putting it in the chili made a delicious meal.

This was great ball game food and just what the Doctor ordered. This is going to an be an excellent meal on cold rainy Sunday’s with NFL as the main priority for the day.

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