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McCovey Cove: Adventures of Los Buccaneers de los Gigantes

So I need to improve on my writing. Specifically on getting down and writing what the hell I’ve been up to. Lately it’s Giants baseball and the playoffs!

I have gone into my love for baseball in earlier posts, it is a passion. I consider myself to be a baptized disciple of the Church of the Perfect Diamond. My cathedral is AT&T Park at 24 Willie Mays Plaza and my colors are Orange and Black. I haven’t attended but my Junior Circuit hopes lie in Boston (need to visit… “its on the list.”)

Now if you haven’t been paying attention here is how it all set up a week or so ago. The Giants and the San Diego Padres had been battling the entire season for the National League West lead, with the Pad’s (pronounced pod’s) having the upper hand for most the year. However in the last month los Gigantes had turned it on and not only caught, but had a 2 game lead on the Pad’s going into the final three game series at AT&T. Like most of the year the team from San Diego had our number and we went into the last game of the year in a do or die for both teams. Win and we are in or lose and have to go play a playoff in San Diego.

Something had to be done, but tickets had been sold out for weeks. The Cartman to the rescue! The Cartman decided to take his sailboat across the bay and sit in McCovey Cove for the final game so we would be able to be part of it. We had to be there.


Looks like stormy weather ahead! That's Captain Cartman at the tiller.



Full sail ahead, we got a game to get to


So October 3, 2010 we set sail from Emeryville with a heading to McCovey Cove. The Cartman is the Captain, Buttles is First Mate, and JLo and I are lowly swabs on the Bohica.

A little bit more history…The Giants bullpen pitchers all had either grown out beards or the gave themselves mohawk haircuts, so I figured I needed both. I wasn’t able to grow much of a beard, but I did convince my loving wife to buzz most of my head into a faux-hawk in my best attempt to look life Giants closer Brian Wilson, yeah he led the league in saves this year. This has to help the team…right?

During the planning of this trip we had talked about going in pirate regalia. I arrived at JLo’s house early that morning to find him strolling around in his birthday suit in the living room. From the driveway it was reminiscent of the nude scenes in the Austin Powers flicks. Even more surprising is that he asked for me to get there early so that we could have breakfast and then take off. Anyway, he pulls out a full Jack Sparrow Pirate of the Caribbean Halloween costume. I had bandanna’s, eye patches, fake ear rings and such, but knew that I still needed to rock a Giants Jersey and gear. Let’s not forget why we are going in the first place now…Am I right?

So the weather was crappy as we traveled down to the bay. Rain clouds hovered and sprinkles misted on the windshield. The sail over to the cove was pretty much the same, cold and dreary. Then a pretty amazing thing happened as we drifted into the waters outside the temple of my team. The clouds parted and fog lifted and God blessed the day with beautiful conditions for playing ball.

The Cartman got the Bohica situated in a prime spot right along the buoys along the water walkway. Almost as soon as we pulled into the Cove my phone started ringing and friends told us that we had been spotted on the telecast. How cool is that !! We just dropped anchor and already people know we are there. That is making an impact!

Although we couldn’t see much of the actual game play from our spot on the water we had Kruk and Kuip on AM 680 and plenty of fellow “cove’rs” anxiously anticipating a result. Although it was fun I wouldn’t call it a party that day on the water. There was too much at stake inside the ballpark for people to worry about having a good time. Everyone was pacing, paddling and praying for a win. We made the most out of our time with the cooler full of ice cold beer and grilling up a tri-tip and brats. Days don’t get much better than this!


Capt Cartman scoping out the waters.


I won’t go into the specifics of the game. I figure if you cared you probably know already who did what, but the Giants pulled it out and became the NL WEST CHAMPIONS!!!! Sending the Padres home for the season in the process. Then the party began!! We were screaming, yelling, jumping, high fiving and fist pumping all over McCovey Cove. It was as if Brian Wilson popped the cork on a city wide champagne bottle and we all go to celebrate. I debated taking a plunge in the frigid water, but was talked out of it by The Cartman when he brought up how long and cold a trip it would be back to the marina. Next time I guess.


Swab Crypt on the Shores of McCovey Cove


Overall it was a great day and something that I will never forget. This was one item that lived up to it’s billing and more. I will say that we couldn’t have picked a better game to go to, but that’s what this is all about. Taking advantage of opportunities!

What a way for number 11 to come off the list!!

P.S. I really am going to try to make entries more timely. Just have been letting other priorities get in the way… you know, like family, friends, life. Then again, that’s what this is really all about. Later…

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