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Couple of books, restoration, and changing the world a little bit

So life’s been a bit hectic the last couple of weeks, not much else is new right??

Most of my attention has been focused on helping out my pregnant wife with things (especially Robby), getting into the new school year at the college (helping teach HazMat and Paramedic), work, and enjoying the end of summer. Just haven’t made time to get on here and update. Just so you know all of my other blogs have been neglected as well (Learning Fatherhood and Restoring 1R).

There has been some progress on the list though. #85 – Restoring an old vehicle has taken some major steps in that we go the engine running and were able to actually take our first ride in it. As far as we can tell it is the first time that 1R has been driven in about 20-25 years. The Cartman and I have started another blog that will focus solely on that project over at Restoring 1R. It has been really exciting and fun so far, but it is going to take years and lots of hard work in order to get it where we want it. The Cartman is telling everyone that he will be working on it the rest of his career!

Robby and I on 1R at the Car Show. People were really excited to see 1R running.

I’m a little behind in keeping up with my reading as well. Since I last posted I have finished two books Swine Not? and Saltwater Buddha.

Swine Not? was written by one of my heroes, Jimmy Buffett, but is not what I expected. No islands, boats or umbrella drinks here. However there is a New York Hotel with a pig living in it. So this one was a bit different, probably better aimed for the pre-teen crowd, but I got through it fairly quickly. Not something that you have to read to complete your life, but kept my interest enough to get to the end. All in all I think that Jim should stick to island tunes and swilling umbrella drinks. Got to respect the man for working outside his comfort zone, but really who would want to leave that place?

Jimmy and Jaimal, two island boys that got published.

The next book was Saltwater Buddha by Jaimal Yogis. Jaimal basically runs away from home in high school and lands in Hawaii which starts a lifetime of jet setting searching for waves and meaning to his life. I don’t want to give too much of it away, but Jaimal’s journey was inspiring in the fact that he went for it, however I was disappointed that he spent so much time looking for meaning instead of appreciating everything that was in front of him. I blame this on him taking this journey so early in life. I believe that I am just now getting to an age that I appreciate things that are in my life. The meaning of my life is my wife and kids, everyday I thank God that I know how much I am blessed for having them in my life. So I did get some reflection from reading this one, but mostly I really want to go surfing.

Ten things out of Change The World for $10…was pleasantly surprised at how many of their suggestions I was already doing. But I need to find ten of them to incorporate into my life for this item. So here we go…

1. Decline plastic bags while shopping. I’m going to attempt to remember to bring our reusable bags into the store and use them. Going to help the environment.

2. Get more fit and feel better. This is going to help me with some of my other goals on the list.

3. Register online as an organ donor. Having seen as many accidents as I have it will make me feel good to know that someone may live longer because I passed. This is the greatest gift that someone can give, so why not go out doing something great!

4. Read a story with a child. I have one here and one on the way so I’m going to have years of bedtime stories and kids asking to me to read to them. It is one of my favorite pastimes since becoming a father. Plus I love to read so why not ensure that this hobby gets passed to my kids.

5. Turn off unnecessary lights and switch to energy-saving lightbulbs. These are two, but I think that they really should be one. Again doing what I can for the environment and saving energy. You’d think that I was a real environmentalist.

6. Seize the moment. Taking control of this list and actually living the life that I want to live means recognizing those opportunities in my life and seizing them. I also need to incorporate my family into these adventures more.

7. Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth. Another one for Mother Earth. This is something that I have been criminally negligent at in my life. Especially when you estimate the thousands upon thousands of gallons of water that I must have wasted over the years. I have been pretty good at it so far, who says change is so hard?

8. Recycle your books. I have already left one on a mall bench. Who knows what happened to it? I have also donated boxes of them to second-hand book stores in the past, so this is just another that I need to keep up in my life.

9. Write to someone who inspires you. I haven’t figured out which of my heroes that I plan to write to, but I like the idea of letting them know that they made a difference in a life.

10. Join something. Going to pick something off of the page in the book. So many organizations that do so many good things.


11. Give your number to five people on your street. Just good to have people in your neighborhood you can count on.

12. Send them an action. Wearewhatwedo.org is always looking for new ideas that they can promote to make the world a much better place.

13. Take a bath with someone you love. Not for the environment, just for the fun of it!!

There you go. Hope you hear from me soon.

  1. Mike Stewart
    September 21, 2010 at 8:01 am

    Try bookcrossing.com to track the book you leave out.

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