Homegrown veggies and the Dragon Tattoo

I suppose that it’s been a while since I updated since The Cartman was reminding me that I had a blog the other day. I just haven’t had too much free time to focus on the list lately. The new baby has been making my wife really sick so I’ve been trying to keep the house up and our 19 month old out of her hair. I hope that she starts to feel a little better soon.

Some developments have been taking place though. If you’ll remember from a few months ago my wife and I put together a garden in our back yard.

This was a few months ago.

This project included making a couple of raised beds and purchasing a yard and a half of the “best” soil in the county. All of the “medicinal” marijuana agriculturalists use this soil so it has to be the best. After all Mary Jane is HUGE business in Mendocino County. Also a huge pain in the ass with all the crime, smells, and well lets just say the people working in the industry aren’t good for the county image.

Back to the garden…

Our garden today, completely growing out of control.

It has been really fun watching our little food patch grow, blossom, and fruit this summer. It  has been an awesome project that Dani and I look forward to seeing the new developments.

We have had a few setbacks. Our peas never really had a chance. They were one of the first things to pop up out of the ground, but got all burned up in the two weeks that we had some real heat. Some of the first tomatoes were ravaged with blossom end rot and unusable. The lettuce and cucumbers grew and looked great, but were so bitter you couldn’t eat them.

For every disappointment we have had a victory, our tomatoes recovered and are incredible. This even thought everyone that I’ve talked to has said it’s been a rough year for tomatoes. We have crookneck squash and zucchini coming out of our ears. Our herbs have been a great addition to our cooking, especially the basil. I think that we are going to have a lot of pesto this winter. We thought that our strawberries were just not going to work, but in the last two weeks we have been getting great little red berries off of them too.

One days harvest.

So I can happy that we can now cross “Grow a Successful Garden” off the list. We have had a lot of fun and got lots of good veggies and fruits, in addition to turning us into gardeners. We have a bunch to learn, but I’m pretty sure that we’ll have some form of garden every year now. I guess in that sense this item really did change our lives.

The beginning of the Millenium Trilogy

Another book to add to #37. This one was The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Stieg Larsson which has become a bit of a sensation lately. This book started out a bit slow and tedious. I was really wondering why it had become such a big deal. Then I read that the author had passed away before completing the series of novels that he had planned and figured that had a lot to do with it. As I slogged through I became hooked and soon wasn’t able to put it down. The mystery is first rate, but I will warn you that some of the subject matter is absolutely Adult Only! There are quite a few scenes that are very very graphic. After the foundation was poured the story was fantastic. It moved quickly and I became really concerned with the characters and how it was all going to come together.

Dani got me this one as a gift and said that she expected I would get hooked and want the other two books in the series. True enough. My bride knows me very well and I am looking forward to the further adventures of Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist. Soon enough I’ll be adding The Girl that Played with Fire and The Girl that Kicked the Hornet’s Nest to this list.

See you guys later.

  1. August 22, 2010 at 7:12 am

    I haven’t read this series yet but I’ve seen the books everywhere and considering picking them up to see what all of the hype was about. Glad I read your take on them. I’m thinking that once I finish the 3 books I’m currently working on, I’ll pick the first one up.

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