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Pasta, Pasta and Changing the World

I’ve been taking some small steps on the list. You know things that I can just get done without too much upheaval of my home life. My poor wife has been battling with morning sickness constantly since we discovered we were having another. So I have been trying to make life as easy going as possible.

One of the things that I’ve been bitching about a lot to The Cartman is that I needed to find a pasta roller in order to make some of the recipes that are in Dinner at my Place. I guess that I bitched enough because the other day he got sick of hearing about it and decided that he was going to buy me the roller.

Oh yeah, That's my pasta ball!

Something that I might not have stated about The Cartman yet. He is a wizard on Craigslist. I mean a true genius. He can find whatever you may be seeking, and it’ll be dirt cheap, if not free. I don’t know for a fact that he has been paid to go get something that he wanted, but I’m sure it will happen eventually. He’s that good on it.

Anyway, back to the story, sure enough 10 minutes later he has secured a pasta roller for $15. I couldn’t believe it. He even had his good friend T go and pick it up. Which I heard was a story in and of itself, but that’s not my tale. That is how I came to own a pasta roller, that should have cost $70-100 for free. Even though it did cost The Cartman $15, I went and ran some errands that he needed help with so I think that it evens out.

A gift from The Cartman

I decided that I would test this bad boy out once I got back to work. Results are…it works, but I’m going to need lots of practice with it. First thing that I need to do is find some way to secure it to a workplace. Most of the problems that I had stemmed from not being able to keep the roller in one place while trying to roll. The other dilemma that I ran into was having never rolled pasta out before. The first couple of attempts were failures. By the end I was starting to get product that was “pasta-like” in that it was flat and made of flour and eggs. I’m sure that my technique will improve the more that I practice.

The recipe for the pasta came right out of Tyler Florence’s Dinner at my Place, which gets me one recipe closer to finishing all of them in the book. It was a good basic pasta recipe and I did enjoy my meal. I topped the pasta with a butter-garlic sauce that was really simple.

My finished fresh pasta!

The rest of the guys on the shift took a bite, and said that they liked it.

In other pasta news our garden has started producing veggies for us. We have tons of summer squash and zucchini, cucumbers (they are way too bitter to eat), couple of strawberries, and we are just now getting some tomatoes. I was very proud to make a dinner of pesto pasta (store bought pasta) with some basil out of the garden and squash and zucchini mixed in with it. It made me so proud to make a dinner with mostly garden fresh ingredients.

Pesto Pasta with lots of our garden veggies.

Yesterday Dani and I stopped by the bookstore and found Change the World for $10. Since completing 10 of these items is on the list I figured that I was going to need a copy of the book. Inside I found 50 items that were compiled after asking people “If you could get a million people to do one thing, what would it be?” I thought that was a brilliant idea. Browsing through all the ideas are pretty basic and will be easy to incorporate into everyday life. Their secret is to get more and more people to do them so that the world is a better place. This is a movement that I can support whole-heartedly. I do believe that if everyone took the time to do little things differently we could make the worlds problems a little less straining every day. For example, Smiling. In my own life I find that I am much more at ease and open up more quickly if the people that I’m around are friendly and having a good time. All it takes is a smile. I am going to put a lot of effort into making myself smile more, and not those creepy forced serial killer smiles, but true I’m happy smiles.

Soon I’ll be knocking off items in the book so that I can cross the item off the list, but I do think there are things in this book that everyone should see and try to do in life. So do them a favor and check it out.

Little things can make big differences!

  1. August 9, 2010 at 2:32 pm

    John–I thought you were starting your Bucket List awfully early, but after perusing it, it’s a good thing you did! I flew an airplane last Friday, but have given up the skydiving for reasons of -itis. You Go, Guy!!! Oh, and I did the dog mushing thing on a glacier in Alaska 2 years ago. You will stay forever young with that list!

    • August 20, 2010 at 11:49 am

      I don’t know about staying young forever, I’ve been feeling a lot older lately. But I’m trying… Thanks for checking it out.


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