Busy Busy Busy

If you read the last post you already know that life has been turned upside down with the news of our impending arrival.

Revisted an old friend with some great advise

With all the craziness that has come along with this pregnancy, my wife has been sicker than I’ve ever seen her before, the list has been pushed to the side more than usual. My focus has just been on all the things that are going to need to change when we have a second creature to follow around all the time.

I have been able to do somethings though. I reread Stephen King’s On Writing which is one of my favorite books. I think I was looking for some motivation to start writing, aside from my blogs. His story and tips hit home and always seem to get me off my ass and in front of a piece of paper or computer screen.

Speaking of writing I have started another blog. Learning Fatherhood is going to be a documentation of my struggles to be the best dad that I can be and trust me there are plenty of spills in that journey.

A dish straight from our garden, except for the pasta.

In the kitchen I was able to make a dish using my garden vegetables. It was a crookneck squash pesto pasta that was maybe a little dry, but pretty good overall. I was able to use the squash and basil from the garden and was pretty proud that I had made a dish using my garden.  Actually I am really proud of our garden right now. We are starting to get veggies out and are even overcoming some problems. Our tomatoes are suffering from Blossom End Rot and we had to adjust our watering. Now we are starting to get our tomatoes to turn ripe without the leathery bottoms.

I've been cruising around in the TLC all summer

I have been using the summer weather to ride around in my TLC as much as possible. I need to make some time to start tweaking some things here and there on it. I have found some leak spots underneath it and need to tighten up where ever they are coming from. Really need to get a back seat made so that I can take the family our all at once, and get Dani driving it. I also want to move the spare tire to the rear and move the spare gas cans out of the passenger compartment as well.

Robby absolutely loves rolling through town in the TLC. Everytime he sees it he stops, points and dances until we put him in it.

One thing that I would like to make some more time for is to actually get the TLC out and onto a trail (or at least a dirt road.) My buddy Pat (Exploring NorCal) has been making me really jealous as I read about all his adventures. Soon enough though.

Well I’m off, hopefully to cross something off my list soon.

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