City Chase San Diego

It’s been a while since I’ve updated you all on my adventures. Life has been up and down, but busy the last couple weeks. We made it through the San Diego trip, with one of the worst return trips home ever. Had to take care of some family business when we got back and make sure to take care of my loved ones. Anyway…

City Chase San Diego Uniforms

Flew down to SD for the City Chase race that Carina Holtby (the race director) was generous enough to donate to The Cartman and I after running across my list on adventurewannabe. This trip was the first for my lil man to get on an airplane. He did really well.

My little buddy is all smiles getting ready for his first takeoff.

Like usual he was making all sorts of friends in all of the seats around us. Had no fear of the takeoff  and fell asleep just before our final descent and missed the whole landing.

Team Corippo (Dani and I) made a successful flight with our kid. We were both pretty proud of that. Until we made it to the hotel, the Hampton Inn Sea World. Sounds like a decent family oriented place to stay right? NO!! This place was surrounded by strip clubs, biker shops, and a freeway off ramp. It was a nightmare!

Dani and I agreed that it wasn’t going to be a good place to stay. So after making a few phone calls we got out of the place we were and into another Hampton Inn in Downtown SD. Which would have been awesome if trains didn’t run ten feet from our bedroom every hour or so. Not a very great start to the trip.

The next morning I got up and made it down to the start line of the race which was only about a half mile from our hotel. The Cartman and I were meeting some friends of my friend Alicia there before and hope that we would run into each other during the race.

Another off the list with my grape stomping!!

Vino di Piedi

We started out with banging out the initial challenge that was required to get the clue sheet, thought this was going to be a breeze. We might even win this thing. Then we got lost. For probably an hour trying to find our first checkpoint. Finally gave up on that one and headed towards another part of town.While we were making our way around in circles Dani called and said that she was downtown with Robby and had seen a couple of the spots. Thank you love of my life!! She got us back on track and headed in the right direction. Yet another reason that I love that woman with all my soul!!

Finally found one and it was a bunch of sports challenges that we rocked. Then ran into some other chasers and started trading spots of checkpoints.

That was one really cool thing about this race was that everyone was really into helping everyone else out. There was no mean competitive spirit, all of us were just there to have a great time.

We found the next couple of stops in quick order. Henna tattoos at the Church of Steel tattoo parlor, running around to get crazy pics taken at the NBC building, a texting scavenger hunt around downtown at the T-Mobile store. Then we went to a bar called the Red Zone to wait in line for like 2 hours to play Wii Bowling. However there was beer there so we wasted all that time hanging out in a bar instead of collecting chasepoints. We did run into our friends there and then decided to run the race together for the rest of the day. After Wii Bowling we went and found the original point that stumped us in the begining of the race and it was grape stomping, another item on the list. Of course The Cartman said I would do the grape stomp and then we found out that the other team member would be drinking the juice. I have to admit that my feet were quite ripe at this point in the race and stripping off my sweaty socks and smashing those grapes between my toes was really fun. Watching The Cartman down a shot of my foot wine was less than appetizing, I was REALLY glad that it wasn’t me drinking it.

The next stop is where I became a little infamous. You see there is a little, well lets call it what it is, a gay bar called The Flame. It was in this dive that I took some pole dancing lessons, then I put on a show. I said that if I was going to be embarrassed from something we did it was going to be for a reason. Go big or go home so to speak. So I went big, luckily the videos stopped rolling before my shirt came off. Funny thing was I’m not embarrassed about it at all. The clip made the rounds of Facebook and YouTube like wildfire the next couple of days though. Everyone I know has seen it and had something to say. Mostly what an awesome dancer I am!!

Taking the lesson serious, Don't want to get hurt doing this.

Gotta shake it, shake it, shake it. Shake it like a salt shaker!!

Here I am disappointed with WordPress in the fact that they want to charge me just to have a video clip on my blog. I have been doing some research and am really disappointed that almost every other blogging site that I visit including video embedding at no cost. Due to WordPress’s current policies I am seriously considering moving adventurewannabe to another host, and perhaps even purchasing my own domain. I just want to have the option to include a video or other media without having to pay, especially when it would appear that I wouldn’t have to. If your reading this and have any opinions on blog hosting please let me know. I am really trying to figure this one out…

Back to the dance! I am one sexy bitch on that pole aren’t I? Pretty sure that I impressed the instructor and know that most of the cheers were for me during our performance. I was the only guy dancing at the time in a gay bar!

Oh yeah! Making up some of my own moves here. You can't teach that!!

After that fiasco we still needed to hit up one more stop and we were running out of time. So we decided to make a mad dash to some fish challenge. Oh man! If we would have only known what was ahead of us. We got there with three other teams and we were the only ones that decided to take on the challenge. Even though there was no way that we would be able to make it to the finish line in time to be official finishers, we were going to do enough checkpoints to finish the race. So what that we wouldn’t cross their line until 20 minutes after their end time. We did all they asked of us, so we completed this race.

The last challenge was easy enough. Move 11 fish from one bucket to another about 15 yards away using nothing but your teeth. 11 stinking rotting fish that have been moved by all the other racers all day were floating in a bucket of stagnant scale filled scum. Oh yeah and most of their internal organs (THE GUTS!! &@^%$!!) were hanging out of the bodies. It should have been 5.5 fish for The Cartman and myself right?? Wrong!! The Cartman should have just taken a seat on the curb and watched.

Getting down to grab one of the nasty decomposing fish...with my mouth!

The Cartman told me he LOVES sushi. Not so much!

Instead The Cartman got one in his mouth, slapped me in the head with it, and then dropped it outside the other bucket and refused to pick it up and finish his one fish. What was he doing instead you ask??

He was dry heaving and yakking and spitting all over the field. Making every possible noise that you can imagine to make this task harder. He was pretty much useless and I had to move ten of the fish AND pick his up and drop it in the bucket. THE CARTMAN WAS NO HELP WHAT SO EVER!!

Our friends fortunately brought along a couple of apples which they offered to us to get the filth off our lips and teeth and tounge. It was a huge help. Pretty much one of the top 5 worst things I have ever done in my life. The entire challenge was horrible. I would like to give a huge thanks to all our friends that cheered me on for this last obstacle. I would also like to give The Cartman a swift kick to the junk for leaving me out to dry when I needed him to step up the most.

Just Do It! Get r done! Do Work! Anything to just get through this last challenge.

A useless waste of a teammate right here!

Great thing about The Cartman and I is that we have learned to forgive and get over it. So as soon as we were walking away from the challenge I let the anger I had for The Cartman melt right off of me and we continued to the bar and the finish line. The bar was filled with racers and I finally met up with Carina and was able to thank her for the opportunity. Overall I was a little disappointed that the challenges were a bit more extreme. But I would jump at the opportunity to participate again taking the lessons that I learned in our first race. We had a great time and a day that we won’t soon forget.

Now that I’ve ranted about how much The Cartman let me down for about 5 minutes, I owe it to him to thank him for sacrificing an entire day and an airline ticket for helping me get this task crossed off. He flew to SD, raced all day, got back on a plane and went home to pack to travel to San Luis for a HazMat class the next day. It truly was above and beyond friendship. Thank you The Cartman! Thank you to Cheryl for letting him take off the day before he was leaving for the week. I couldn’t have done it without him.

So with the end of the race I had completed two items on the list. Doing a City Chase and stomping grapes with my feet. It was a long day and I was stoked to see my wife and kid at the end of the day. Lots of other things happened in SD so soon I will be posting some of the other items that I was able to work on during our vacation.

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