New developments!

I have news of changes that are going to effect this weekend, but first…

A couple of short stories from the master, Stevie King

Dani had gone a bought me a book of Stephen King short stories, even better was one was about baseball. Neither of them are what I would call his best. That being said, the second story Morality, was edge of your seat stuff. I couldn’t believe what I was reading and how it all worked out. The baseball one was alright, I think that I just wanted it to be good ol baseball days or weird Stevie King stuff and it straddled the fence on being both. I think it could have been much better if he would have turned the wheel harder one way or the other. I did rip through both stories at break neck speed and did find that I didn’t want to put the book down, so overall thumbs up.

Now to the breaking news…Miller dropped out of the City Chase race this weekend in San Diego. Through events that aren’t really his fault at work and on the home front that he has to take care of. Can’t fault the guy for taking care of his business, especially his family. I would do the same.

So I had to race around and get the word out that I needed a new teammate for the race. I hit up all my internet connections and got some response back. My good friend in the San Diego area Alicia stated calling her friends that may be up for it. Had a couple of other buddies that said they might be willing to drive down and run it with me. Then The Cartman threw his ring back in the hat.

If you have followed along you might remember that The Cartman got a little jealous when he found out that I was doing City Chase with Miller. Seems that he thinks that he should be the number one go to guy no matter what in my life. He kinda is outside of my family, but I decided to go with another buddy…no big deal right?? It is a big deal. He is a jealous, envious little man. So here he is all excited about getting to step in and save the day.

Then he says he can’t do it.

Then he makes me call and ask his wife so he won’t get into trouble at home. And he buys a plane ticket.

I sure hope that he can get the days off at work. Please wish us luck.

A little history of the team of The Cartman and I. We decided to do a small 4 hour adventure race a few years ago. Saying that it didn’t go well is being nice. It was a disaster! We had a 1/4 mile paddle that we just couldn’t get into sync, turns out I was the one paddling and he had his paddle across his knees checking out the scenery and birds. I know this because one of the event photographers caught this classic John/Cartman moment and it was a great joke at the firehouse. Then we got on our mountain bikes and peddled straight up a mountainside. I mean straight up a huge grade. So I’m taking my sweet time waiting for The Cartman to catch up when a blur screams by me on the downhill side of the mountain. The blur was The Cartman using gravity to its utmost. It just goes downhill from there. We made friends with the race official that was going along with us and closing the course. The Cartman cramped up and couldn’t move for 15-20 minutes. He fell off the bike on a single-track portion of the course. We were surprisingly good at the obstacles, but they were very small amounts of time on the course. The only thing that kept The Cartman moving forward was that there were people who had dropped out and if we finished we wouldn’t really be in last place.

Another great moment that a photographer caught was during the awards ceremony as everyone turned and cheered us in as the last competitors to finish and The Cartman crosses the finish and doesn’t break stride as he gets in the food and beer line. Classic Cartman! Now looking back on it this race was the defining moment in our friendship. It is when we learned that we complimented each others strengths and weaknesses and made a good team. We also didn’t quit. We made it…as excruciating as that was.

The few of you that caught my last short post. I have reconsidered and am keeping on. Once again I need to thank my wife for being my best friend and setting me straight. I couldn’t do any of this without her, nor would I want to. She came in and sat me down and demanded that I delete the post and not quit. So if you read this, like the list or the idea of it, or are one of my (I guess fans?) followers, we all owe my wife for keeping me from giving this up. Thanks and I love you Dani!

  1. Mike Stewart
    June 15, 2010 at 3:58 pm

    Team Fatkid rides again!!!

  2. Mike Stewart
    June 15, 2010 at 3:59 pm

    Oh, and thanks Dani!!! We love you!!!

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