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Now I know why Kevin Smith was so upset with Southwest!!

So I posted about a couple months or so ago that I went to MacWorld and was able to see Kevin Smith speaking which was a blast. After Kevin left us and was going to fly home from nearby Oakland airport on Southwest he ran into some problems that were well documented on his podcast, SMODCAST #106, social networking sites, the internet and the traditional media. I don’t feel the need to rehash the story here, if your interested check out the podcast or google Kevin Smith and Southwest airlines, but the bottom line is that Mr. Smith was treated horribly by the employees of Southwest.

You might be asking how this relates to me. Well I’ll tell you. If you’ve been following you know that I crossed going to Las Vegas off the list a month ago. We got there via a Southwest flight…out of Oakland. Lots of similarities so far. Now we didn’t have exactly the same problem that my friend (ha!) Kevin did, but the treatment was the same. My brother in law and my own luggage didn’t arrive at the airport on our return to Oakland. Ordinarily this would be a normal pain in the ass, but remember that this is Oakland Southwest that we are dealing with here…oh yeah, and this is the second flight in a month on Southwest for my bro in law and the second time that his bag has gone missing. I’m not kidding! Two trips, two missing bags! Needless to say, he was hot.

Once our buddies got their kicks out of the bags not showing up we went to the lost luggage counter (Bro in Law (BiL) knew where it was…he’s been there before). The counter people start by asking if we were sure that the bags were really not there. Which we told them they weren’t. One of the SW employees said, “Vegas…oh yeah, this happens all the time.” WHAT! What type of operation are they running when they just assume that bags are going to be missing! It wasn’t really so much what she said as how she said it like out property didn’t matter and we should just let it go. So as we are working back and forth trying to find out what happened to our bags the guy that is supposed to be providing customer service just declares that he doesn’t have to talk to us anymore. WHAT!! Your job is customer service! We are the customer’s and your only reason for having employment is to serve our needs! I really could not believe what was happening. Now I’m getting hot and I demand that he do his job and help us get our bags back. To which he answers that all he can do is take a report and give me a $50 voucher on a future flight. ANOTHER FLIGHT!! Are you kidding me?? You lost a bag full of my belongings, TWO BAGS FULL OF MY BiL’s!! Why would I ever fly with your airline again? Cheap flights are hard to come by and I need as much of a break when I travel as the next guy, but losing half of your wardrobe isn’t going to save anyone anything in the long run. To make matters worst I found my name on my friends bag. They mis-labeled the bags!

At this point the next flight from Vegas showed up with our bags on that flight. Had the bags not shown up I would have never gotten my luggage back as they would have been looking for my name and not the name that they put on the bag. I left with a bitter taste in my mouth towards Southwest and thinking that this is probably similar to the experience that Kevin Smith had. I couldn’t believe how disrespectful and rude the SW employees were. I was amazed that they told us that bags from Vegas are lost all the time and that we should just assume that it was gone for good. It appalled me that they can keep jobs with that type of culture. I have never heard of a customer service rep telling a customer with a legitimate problem that he doesn’t have to talk to them anymore. I mean what type of training program does SW have going on? I really would love to see the CEO of SW go on Undercover Boss and get a chance to see how his employee’s are treating the people that fly his airline. It is horrific! Not only did we have a bad experience with their operation, but their people made the situation exponentially worse with their attitudes and disrespect!

I took some time to distance myself from this situation and posting this so that I wouldn’t be as hot headed and emotional as I was then. It worked a little, but I still get the same bitter taste in my mouth when I think of the people that mistreated us that afternoon. My BiL still didn’t get his first bag back, and the airline didn’t pay the replacement cost of his belongings. Instead they gave him a depreciation value for them. Can you believe that!! They lost his belongings and then would not replace what they promised to deliver to him! I truly am disgusted with them. Too bad all their luggage handlers are busy making commercials about how they have bags flying free instead of making sure that those bags are making to the places that they are supposed to be going. No one is happy is their bag flew free to the wrong place!!

God I’m glad I got that off my chest.

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