Chile Relleno…need I say more

Cinco de Mayo…regardless of where you stand on the whole holiday is fun to say and gives everyone an excuse to eat some great Mexican food. (Regardless of whose flag’s colors your wearing on your shirt…Morgan Hill)

In honor of the holiday that is really supported by Corona I pulled out the Chile Relleno recipe from the Tyler Florence cookbook. In addition Dani and I put together the salsa and guacamole recipes again. They have become a couple of regular staples at our place.

So I cheated...We ate all the rellenos and I forgot to get a pic...even when I had the leftovers, which were great!

The relleno’s were a bit of a challenge for me. It was the first time that I had ever roasted peppers and if I make them again I think that I will need to blister them a bit longer. The skins were a little tough to get off, although it didn’t really affect the taste like I was fearing it was. I was also a bit skittish about the frying of the chile’s. It went off fairly well. Didn’t burn down the house or disfigure any of my loved ones, I call that a success. The recipe was fairly easy and straight forward, it just used some techniques that I didn’t have that much experience using in my home.

The general consensus was that the chile rellenos were very good. One thing that i would change for the next time would also be to place the rellenos on a rack while they bake in the oven to avoid the sogginess on the bottom sides of the rellenos.

Margaritas, Pacifico beer, salsa, guacamole, mexican rice and chile rellenos. It was a fiesta of grande proportions. And just like that one more recipe is outta the book. I have been getting a bunch of them done lately, almost finished all the mexican recipes.

In other news I sent off the registration for the City Chase in San Diego and Charlie and I are going to be the Bucket Brigade team. I chose Bucket Brigade for the double meaning of being a firefighter and working on my “bucket” list. Getting excited and can’t wait to go and take on the race, still a little scared of what they are going to throw at us. I’m sure that it’s going to be a great time and Charlie seems to be really stoked about it.

Captain Charlie Miller...The other half of the "Bucket Brigade"

An interesting development. I chose to team up with Charlie because he has been extremely supportive of my project. I thought it would be a fun event to do with him and something that we would both push each other to succeed at. What I didn’t count of was The Cartman becoming jealous! He says that he was just giving me a hard time, but he is genuinely jealous of another guy and I doing something on the list. Ahh The Cartman…what would I do without him to add humor to this project. He said that he wanted to be asked to go, but I have done an adventure race with him a few years ago. It was all we could do to finish, one of the funniest and hardest days ever! A big part of this project is to do things that I haven’t done before and I thought that doing it with The Cartman would just be a rehash of something I’ve already done. Well there you have it. I didn’t ever think that I would be making friends jealous of each other with this project, hell when I started I thought most of my friends were going to ridicule me for undertaking something like this project. Just goes to show that you never know what life is going to give you.

Well, until next time…

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