Brussell Spouts again!? and San Diego

So we took another recipe out of Tyler Florence’s Dinner at my Place and we made the Bacon and Brussels Sprouts Hash.

All the players prepped and ready!

I was very hesitant about this one, mostly because of the Brussels Sprouts, but then I figured anything cooked with bacon wouldn’t be all that bad. We took advantage of Firefighter E.S. being off duty to care for his wife and newborn little boy. E.S. won’t go near anything that has grown from the ground unless it’s covered in Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing.

Surprisingly prepping the pearl red onions was the biggest pain in the a$$ for this recipe. Took me forever! Then I followed the directions to the letter, but looking back I should have cooked the potatoes a little beforehand because they were a little too firm in the final dish. This is a delicious side dish, but like I said earlier, anything cooked in bacon…how bad can it be. The hash and the lasagna (using our scratch made ricotta) really complimented each other well. I really enjoyed the sprouts in this dish, which is curious because I despised them to the bottom of my core just a couple of weeks ago. The bacon, potatoes and onions added great flavor to the sprouts without having to drown them in some sauce to mask their flavor.

We made lasagna with our hash with the ricotta from the mozzarella fiasco!

In other news…I am going to San Diego to compete in the City Chase race on June 19th. City Chase is a full city event in which teams of two race around on foot or using public transportation and take on challenges. They call it “Fear Factor meets the Amazing Race.” For this event I am teaming up with Charlie, another captain at the UFD. Charlie has been a big supporter of my list project since he first found out and has been instrumental in getting a number of things crossed off so far(the gliding being huge). When I called to ask if he was interested in going to San Diego and participating he thought I was asking if he’d work for me. I think that he was taken back when I asked if he would go and race with me. Looks to be a fun weekend. I need to mention that the City Chase race director came across my blog and offered to help me out. Carina Holtby was able to offer me free registration to the race which is greatly appreciated. I thought it was really cool that she went out of her way to help me with something on my bucket list. She didn’t have to offer anything, but she contacted me and worked to get me into one of their races.

In addition to the race, which now I am nervous about (I mean who knows what type of things that we are going to have to do??), we are going to visit with my friend Alicia and go check out the zoo or Sea World or any other of San Diego’s sites. Robby should be stoked! Other than being nervous about what we may run into on the course I am really excited to be going to do this race. It is something that I have wanted to do ever since I discovered this type of event was held a few years ago.

Well I gotta run to the store…I think another recipe is in order… Happy Cinco de Mayo!

  1. May 5, 2010 at 11:26 pm

    Good luck in C Chase…you should take a gander at CitySolve Urban Race

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