Fiesta, Tacos, and ‘ritas.

It was taco night at our house the other night.

One of the biggest reasons that we were looking forward to moving into our new house was that we would finally have room to have people over to our house for dinner. In our other house it was really uncomfortable to have more than another couple over. It was an older house and wasn’t laid out with entertaining in mind. The new house is much larger and way more people friendly.

Dani and I attempted to hold a taco fiesta a couple of weeks ago, but we ran out of time for preparing everything and had to cancel on everyone. So this was our payback for canceling on all the friends that we invited.

On the menu I took advantage of the cookbook I’m working through and prepared the Mexican Pot Roast for taco filling and the Salsa recipe. We also enjoyed the guacamole so much that we made that we are going to put it into regular rotation on Mexican themed dinners.

Practicing my prep station, it makes keeping track of the ingredients so much easier.

This time we went out early in the morning and got all the supplies that we needed for the dinner. This was actually quite easy since we still had the list from the previous attempt and just slightly modified it. Luckily for us all of our friends accepted our invite even though we completely flaked the last time.

The Mexican Pot Roast was actually fairly scary for me to prepare. It’s not hard to make tacos for people, we do it all the time at work. But my friends would never let me live it down if I screwed up the easy dinner.

Lucky for me it smelled like heaven when it started to simmer.

Appetizers were going fast.

In addition to the Mexican Pot Roast for the actual dinner I put together a quick salsa from the cookbook. It went together really fast and was really tasty and only got better the longer that it sat. Looking back the one thing that I would change is preparing some of the dishes much earlier because then all the flavors could have a chance to marry together more. Even in the time that we had you could taste the difference from the time it hit the table to what it was tasting like at the end of the night.

Once again the guacamole was a huge hit and we put down a huge bowl full of it. The salsa was really good with lots of fresh flavors, and a blast of cilantro (which is one of my favorite flavors). I really was impressed with how good the salsa was because it was really easy to get together. I really have no excuse for jarred salsa in my house anymore after this dinner. I would highly recommend this salsa, especially if your running short on time. Not the best that I’ve ever tasted, but kept me coming back for more and more and more.

The main event. Mexican Pot Roast for the taco filling was really good. The roast pulled apart really easily and was really tender. I was pretty worried that the meat wouldn’t be flavorful enough, but basting the pulled roast in the cooking liquid added not only the flavor, but kept the meat nice and moist for the tacos. I liked the smoky spice to the meat, even though I could have used a little more heat to it. But I am noticing that I like a little more heat than most.

Gotta love tacos!

Dinner was a hit! Everyone had lots of great things to say about the food. My brother in law took bartending duties upon himself and mixed up some great Margaritas. I started eating dinner and Dani reminded me that I needed a pic to post. I don’t know what I would do without her. Two more recipes done out of the cookbook and off the list. More importantly Dani and I finally were able to entertain our friends for an evening without being cramped and uncomfortable.

I have to give Val City Gal another credit as I stole this item from her list and I have to say that I am reaping the benefits of learning to be a much better cook because of it. Tyler also put together a great cookbook. He is opening up three new restaurants in the bay area that I hope to get a chance to visit soon. I wish him the best of luck in these ventures.

I also have come up with a new life motto: Embarrassment is temporary, Regret and Experiences last the rest of your life!

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