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Jay Bee’s…this isn’t going to be very good for my declared war, and I’m homesick

Well I couldn’t leave the LA area having a disappointing DDD as one of the last memories. Actually I couldn’t leave at all, believe me I have tried to figure out how to get home. But I’m here for the kids to have their fun and learn some new firefighting skills. Anyway…

Really wouldn't think that such great food would come out of such a run down place.

Lunch today was picked up at Jay Bee’s BBQ in Gardena. Finger sucking delicious! That’s all I really have to say about it. Hands down some of the greatest BBQ that I have ever eaten. I got a pulled pork sandwich for lunch and some pork ribs that I saved for dinner. Both were extremely delectable. I got the hot BBQ sauce on mine because I really like spicy things, but Becky got the milder sauce and said that it was great also.

In addition to the great BBQ my side dishes were awesome as well. The Mac and Cheese was made very well and had a great mix of cheese and creaminess. (It was also good cold.) My baked beans and potato salad got a little mixed together on the car ride back to the hotel. I would have never thought that there would be a synergistic effect that would benefit both of the sides. The beans were smoky and had plenty of pork mixed in with them. Perfect BBQ beans! The potato salad was awesome soft pillow of potato with a great balance of the salad mix. I really was impressed with a great BBQ lunch…and dinner. If you get a chance I highly recommend tracking this place down and getting your favorite BBQ item. You will not regret it.

Now the building is just off the side of the road and looks really run down. (Don’t judge the book by it’s cover.) You order in a tiny room with 1 inch plexiglass in between you and the employees. Pay attention after you order and go out to wait at the picnic tables. They call you by number through one of the worst overhead speaker systems I’ve ever heard. It looks like it was put together in 5 minutes with speaker wire and duct tape straight to a microphone on the counter. However I wasn’t there for home theater tips, and what I was there for was definitely worth being there.

Another DDD down and I couldn’t be happier about it. Except that this trip is taking it’s toll on my war to get to 185 lbs. I was also thinking that my cookbook challenge and I am going to have to get more stringent about working out. So when I get back from Vegas after my good friend Nate’s bachelor party I am going to start my P90X challenge and I’m hoping that will jump start and maybe even get me to my desired weight. I would like to start this week, but don’t think that I will stick to it when I’m in Vegas with the group that I’m going with.

Homesickness. I got it bad. I’ve come to believe that it is a sign of a good family man. It means to me that I need to be with my wife and kid. They truly are the most important things in my life and it kills me to be away from this for this long. I miss my wife’s kisses, my sons hugs, and both of their smiles. This aching in my chest is just a reminder of where my priorities really are. I would give up everything that I’ve worked for in my life for them. God really has blessed me and I am becoming the man that I strive to be.

Today The Cartman and I got some interesting news that may or may not change our lives. I don’t want to disclose too much because it is really early and it may come to nothing, but its going to be fun to see if anything does happen with this project. If it does happen…Look out because things are going to be crazy for a while. Stay tuned to see if anything comes of it.

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