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Disappointing piccatta and a cookbook

Another day in LA, another DDD.

Mama Cozza...you had me til entree.

This time we hit up another Fieri stop, this one hasn’t been televised yet, but they have the poster in the entryway. Mama Cozza’s is an italian shop straight out of an old mobster movie in Anaheim. In addition to the old school environment they had pictures of all the “celebrities” that have been through the doors. Lots and lots of 70’s era sports stars and Disney employees.

One of the first things that jumped out on the menu were the fried jalapeno raviolis. I had never heard of anything like them so I had to give them a roll. I also went for the chicken piccatta dinner with soup, bread and salad. The minestrone soup that I had was delicious, one of the best I’ve ever tasted. The raviolis were also incredible, if a little different. They were fried little pockets of cheese with just enough jalapenos to give it a nice heat and bite. The marinara that was on the side was the perfect addition to a great appetizer and the fact that the portion was huge!

Then came the entrée. The chicken piccatta was drowned in a strong lemon sauce that was way too thick for my taste. The chicken was extremely tender and was showing the effects of being beaten in the kitchen. I was really disappointed because I had debated over the chicken parmesan and a pizza. Looking bad both would have probably been excellent choices and I wouldn’t be writing about a let down right now. Hindsight is 20/20 though. Live and learn is the lesson this time. All ways go with your first instinct when ordering food is another. I can’t wait to see the episode because I am very interested to see what the feature as their signature dishes. I really hope that the jalapeno raviolis are a part of it.

Moving on. I moved forward with item #174 and bought a cookbook that I am going to cook every recipe in. It is Tyler Florence’s Dinner at my Place. I originally was looking for his Tyler’s Ultimate book, but found this one and thought that it fit my life better. The  food all looks amazing, (always a plus in a cookbook) like stuff that I will enjoy and make more than once. I also thought that it’s theme of family and home was more relatable than most cookbooks that are aiming to be things that you can find in their restaurants. It includes recipes for toddler food (Robby is stoked!!) and a meal that he cooked for his local firefighters at their station. When I saw the fire department section it sealed the deal and made me think that it was meant to be.

Look for the culinary creations soon.

I am very excited to finally found a cookbook that I am happy with and purchased. It took me much longer than I expected to find one that I was happy with attempting all of the recipes in. While it’s not that large, there are certainly enough dishes within the covers to keep me busy for a while.

Soon you’ll see how this all pans out…I’m hoping for delicious, but will settle for edible.

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