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A short hike to start #94 and The OINKSTER!!


Sturtevant Falls

So I finally started item # 94 – Photograph 50 Waterfalls. Since I am stuck down in the LA area for the next couple of days I decided to take advantage of some of the opportunities that I might not have normally. Today I dragged Becky along and we went for a hike and scoped out two waterfalls. We went to the Angeles National Forest outside Pasadena, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

I proposed the hike to Becky this morning and she said that she had to go buy a pair of shoes. So we went to Famous Footwear and she decided to buy a pair of Sketchers Shape Ups. These are new shoes that apparently work you out when you stroll in them. They are the first pair of shoes that I have ever seen that not only come with directions for use, but a DVD for new owners to orient themselves to the shoes. These shoes claim to improve balance, posture, circulation, abdominal strength, and decrease cellulite. It says right on one of the first pages that you should start out by wearing them for 30-45 minutes and build your way up. Not Becky! Straight out on the trail. We spent over three hours marching along the hills of the Angeles National Forest trails for P.T. She was a real trooper but towards the end I could tell that she was feeling it. Climbing back up the trail after the second waterfall she took a major shortcut up the side of a mountain. She made it though.

First we went to Sturtevant Falls which is a nice easy hike of about 2 miles on a highly popular trail. There might have been so many people due to spring break, so it might be less crowded most weeks. Lots of little kids running around. One little monster was climbing up above where I was shooting some pictures and started throwing rocks down the hill at me. His father was asking him to stop, but he just kept chucking the rocks down the hill at me and my camera. Is it bad that I wanted to huck one right back at him?

That's me standing at the pool of the Sturtevant Falls.

I was able to work in some photos without too many people walking through the frame. I found if I put on that I was doing lots of set up that they steered clear of where I was. So I got in a little acting today also. I had a blast getting back to taking pictures of waterfalls. I forgot how much I really love going to a falls. There really is a great energy coming out once the water hits the rocks. It could have been better with less people around, but what are you gonna do?

So after the Sturtevant Falls we back tracked to the trailhead and headed off another trail to Hermit Falls. Both of these trails were really awesome. The Hermit Falls trail was way more challenging than Sturtevant though. Going to the falls wasn’t that bad, but coming back was going to be all uphill. We pushed on down the trail and almost got lost once when we had to make a water crossing.

All through both trails there are these little cabins that look like they were right out of Hansel and Gretel. Most of them were small and made of river rock walls with windows and minimal normal building materials. Later I learned that the area was a pretty well known resort area that people would hike out and stay in these cabins. Some of them had been updated and had the look of still being used occasionally.

Little boxes on the hillside.

I really need to practice with my camera. I was having lots of issues with bright spots and shadows. Even though it was a great day for hiking and I got some color on my arms and face it would have been great had it been overcast. I would have had lots of better shots.

So we finally get to Hermit Falls. Already there were some younger kids that seemed to be thinking about jumping off some of the rocks into the frigid looking pools below. None of them ever leaped, but one guy was meditating at the edge of the highest rock next to the waterfall.  On the way back I also stumbled across a young lady meditating on a rock in the middle of the stream. I did my best to cut a wide berth so as not to disturb her. I thought it was a great place to go to in order to find your balance. Recharge the batteries and such. I should have taken some time and practiced my meditation, but I didn’t. Next time though.

Hermit Falls

I almost really hurt myself to get these shots.

Oh I almost forgot that I almost killed myself to get some pics of Hermit Falls. The trail ends with you up on the top of the lip of the falls, and I just had to see how far the falls, well fell. So I scrambled down the slick granite and momentarily got stuck and thought I was going to slip right on down the canyon wall. Now you would have thought that one brush with pain and broken extremities would have been enough right? I forgot I was going to have to find a way up these same slick granite boulders. It took a while and I had two really close calls with losing hand holds, but I finally made it. I then vowed to never attempt potentially dangerous rock climbing just for a few photos.

Got a couple nice ones those.

So once we were done exploring and safe and sound in the van again…Hunger found us. So we had to make our way to yet another DDD. Lucky for us that we were relativly close to a recent addition to the DDD family…The Oinkster. This place was recently on the show and Dani called me down here and said that if we ever made it there together she might have to abandon the vegetarianism that she has been on for a year. It looked that good.

Well, it really was that good. I had the Oinkster Pastrami.

Homemade pastrami. It didn't last long.

As good as the homemade pastrami was the belgian fries, which are double dunked to crispy perfection in the grease, are excellent. You have to eat them with the garlic aioli that is homemade, as all of their sauces are. The aioli is one of the best things that I have dipped a fry into, and I usually hate dipping sauces. No ketchup, mustard or “fry sauce” for me. I definetely reccommend stopping by the Oinkster if you have a chance.

Look for this on the side of the road.

Well two waterfalls and another DDD off the list. Good day. Til something else happens…

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