A couple of small steps

Been a busy couple of days off for me. I had (and actually still have tonight) plenty of teaching going on out at the college. Dani and I have also been making a big push to get our house settled once and for all. We are really just having to complete the garage and the extra room now. Yesterday my bro in law and I put together a work bench with a shelf in the garage so that I can finally finish putting everything in it’s place out there. We also had my wife’s family over for dinner last night…which is going to be part of this post. Everything being said, that’s why I haven’t had a chance to get anything on the list done. I was getting buried with everything else. Until Dani pointed out that I had been getting some small things off the list.

St Patty’s…what a great holiday. I have a ton of great memories of St. Patrick while I was attending Chico State. It is a big deal there. Lots and lots of green beer and celebration!! Life is a little different now. I had to proctor an oral exam that night for the college paramedic class. This is one of there most difficult tests, so procuring exam proctors was extremely difficult, but I ended up with more than I expected last-minute. After the test I came home and was extremely happy to have in my fridge Bass Pale Ale and Guinness…the makings of that great Irish drink the Black and Tan. Only I had never made a Black and Tan before. I had always just ordered them in a bar. So this was to be one of the 10 drinks that I had to master making.

The Black and Tan...almost forgot to get a pic before I finished.

The first one was a little heavy on the Bass, but still delicious. I needed a little practice with layering the Guinness on top with the spoon also, but it tasted great. My second attempt was a lot closer to the 50/50 that I was looking for. I didn’t think that any more than two was a good idea and I was able to wake up and function to my full capabilities the next morning.

The next morning was the day I planned on building a workbench with my brother-in-law. Overall went well. I only made one mistake in plans and over bought one 2×4. So I’m going to call it a victory. That evening we had Dani’s family over and she made a vegetable stir-fry and grilled chicken. It was a delicious dinner that included Brussel sprouts. Brussel sprouts just happened to be one of the three foods that I have to give another chance.

Not too bad stir fried with some good teriyaki on them.

These little suckers weren’t at all like I remembered them or made them to be in my mind. I don’t think that they are ever going to be my favorite, but I won’t grimace every time they are mentioned anymore.

So even with all the chores and things in my life that have been pushing the list to the side I am able to accomplish some small goals.

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