Declaration of War!!!

What else needs to be said??

With this declaration I am officially undertaking #51 getting my weight down to 185 lbs. This pic was taken this morning and on the scale that I will use to update my progress. During the “veggie vow” I went from my known heaviest of 220 to 214lbs. In the following month I have put 2 more pounds on with the only change being my diet. I plan on using some of the other items on the list as motivation to help get me to my goal weight. Running 3 miles for 30 days and training for some form of race being the first ones that come to mind. I also am going to make an additional goal of not missing Maldonado workouts on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. I have no doubt losing 31 lbs is going to hurt and suck and punish me, but I think that the benefits outweigh all that. I feel a lot better when I am working out regularly and not lugging around all this extra me.

One aspect of this challenge is that I don’t want to have to give anything up to get to it. I want to still be able to eat all the foods that I enjoy, perhaps just a little less of them. I think that this will mean extra time working out, but what is life if you can’t enjoy what your eating… I also think that this is why most people fail at losing weight. Diets suck and drain all the life out of you. All you focus on is what you want to eat and how much better that would be than what your “allowed” to eat. That’s my two cents on diets. Besides, I LOVE FOOD!!

Damn, who let the fat kid into this…

I finally learned how to attach links into my blog and am pretty proud of myself. I know that this is an easy deal, but I’m still new to all this and how it works.

B shift had their first fire of 2010 this week. Trailer that went up in flames, but we were able to keep the two neighboring trailers from being destroyed. Can check out some of the pics from that night at Peter Photo. I’m the one in the red helmet scrambling around everywhere. My crew and the assisting crews did an awesome job that night. Just another day in the best job in the world…have I mentioned that I’m blessed?

I also want to thank Melody at 6 Feet Over again. I’ve had an outpouring of great comments and support since she posted her interview on my project. Thank you to everyone and thanks for visiting the blog. It’s awesome to see people taking an interest and saying they are inspired to do some of the things on their lists. So thank you very much Melody. Go check out her site if you haven’t yet. She is up to some cool, interesting things over there.

Well, that’s all I have for now.

  1. March 5, 2010 at 1:26 pm

    Good luck on your weight loss! I definitely love food too much to sacrifice it for the sake of being healthy. But I do make sure to eat healthier versions of things that are truly heart-stoppingly greasy. And, I don’t eat them everyday, which makes me appreciate it so much more when I do have it.

    • March 17, 2010 at 10:20 am

      Thanks. I hope that I can pull it off without sacrificing too much. I’m betting on the hard work will overcome the great food. We’ll see.

  2. Mike Stewart
    March 5, 2010 at 4:40 pm

    Fatty Fatty 2X4

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