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When life gives you lemons…

So the big day arrives…I was supposed to meet Jon Corippo. At least a couple of days ago that was my plan. We all know how I screwed that up.

However The Cartman had worked some magic to get Macworld passes for us in order to meet up with Jon. For weeks we have planned on going to the expo and I didn’t want to be a sell out just because the original plan got destroyed. So Cartman and I decided to alter the plan and knock a couple of other simple things off the list. It was his good friend Judo Chop’s birthday so we took him to breakfast.

Breakfast at Hank's Creekside

Hank’s is a small joint that is literally on a creekside in Santa Rosa. I mean small. I was surprised at how small the place was. No wonder that it is always packed and has a line outside. There is another reason that they are packed, which we lucked out and quickly got a table, is that the food is great. Just good freshly made food done right. I had a great eggs benedict with hash browns, cause I have a weakness for hash browns. Actually potatoes in general mashed, baked, fried, roasted, hashed you name it. I eat it! The Cartman had the corned beef hash and I will be getting that the next time. It looked gooOOOOood. Since Hank’s was featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives (DDD) I am able to start knocking off the restaurants for item #32. I am also increasing the number of DDD that I need to visit from 12 to 25. There are a ton of places that have been featured and I just think that I need to get to more of them. Anyone that has watched knows how your mouth starts watering and stomach yearns for you to reach into the television and grab what they are putting on all the tables. It truly is food porn.

After we dropped off Judo Chop we headed down to San Fran and Macworld. The expo was cool, lots of booths full of iPhone accessories and software. The target market is the creative music, film and photo digital crowd. Very very dedicated and loyal people. They love their products. Was very disappointed that the year I go, Steve Jobs decides not to. No Apple, No Mac, No iPhone, No Ipod, No iPad. I said it no iPad. They just announced it and their most loyal groupies all in the same place at the same time. Talk about missing a great opp for giving a tease to promote the product. Anyway…I can’t believe that what we did next wasn’t on the list as it is something that I have wanted to do for a long time.

The Cartman and I got in a long line to see a Q &A with Kevin Smith…director of Clerks if you don’t know. Hilarious. That is all I can say. We laughed for over an hour and a half at his observations and answers to the crowds questions.

Kevin Smith ranting about something obscene I'm sure.

Most of the material is adult oriented to put it mildly. He doesn’t have that filter to hold back that is for sure. That is what makes “his” movies great. His writing is exactly like hanging out with those friends of mine that I was always around in college.

I failed to attempt to cross an item off the list though. I could have easily met one of my heroes by asking a questions and getting my picture taken with him…if I could have thought of a question. The rest of the day I was kicking myself for not getting up there and taking advantage of the opportunity. Dropped the ball. I will not let this happen again. I have looked up to Kevin Smith ever since I first heard about him maxxing out some credit cards to finance his first movie Clerks that went on to catapult him to success and a stream of movies, comics and other media. He absolutely took the opportunity in front of him and took full advantage once he got his foot in the door.  I really can’t believe that I let this chance slip right by as I sat and laughed my ass off.

Kevin addressed a wide spectrum of topics from his new movie, old movies, family, sexual orientation and practices, life as a fat kid, infidelity, and how life is going to be different once the Jersey Shore’s The Situation is in charge after the fall of civilization. Watching some of the people ask their questions was entertaining also, but at least they had the cajones to get up there and ask. One could not for the life of him stop mumbling, he wouldn’t even let Kevin get a word in. Another young man was really working hard to get Kevin…all of Kevin. Then there was a guy that tried to teach everyone in the crowd how to talk in the clicky language in 30 seconds. It didn’t work, but it was funny listening to everyone trying. One of the best shows that I have ever sat through.

After the show we strolled through the rest of the expo and then decided to grab some dinner and head home, since we had to be a work today.

Dinner at Grubstake in SF

What better way to end this day than to hit up another DDD on the way home? Dropped in on the Grubstake diner on Pine St. Another very small establishment, but had really big portions that were really good. Fries were great, and made from fresh cut potatoes. I had a big burger on a french roll and closed out the second of the DDD challenge. I noticed that so far these places look a lot bigger on the TV. Of course we thought of all sorts of things that I could have asked Kevin during our meal…including the obvious would he fist pump with me. I mean how many opportunities do you get to fist pump with an actual New Jersyian??

All in all a great day. I have to give credit to Kevin Smith for really coming through and making up for the disappointment that I had for screwing up the plans to meet Jon Corippo. I hope that his presentation went really well and am looking forward to making new plans to meet up in the future. I’m hoping that Plan B is to go and visit Yosemite and drop in to say hello.  Still managed to work on the list a little and had fun while doing it.

Now I’m hoping for good weather on Sunday so that I can go soaring in Williams with Charlie’s friend. I’ll let you know…

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