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Irritating story?? and getting by with a little help from my friends.

Another book down. On the word of my wife I read “My Sisters Keeper” by Jodi Piccoult. This is always going to be a very special book for me to remember, but not for the story. The book was a good fast read that kept my attention and even was able to surprise me. Just when I thought I had it figured out, I did but I didn’t. What I’m going to remember most about reading this book was the fact that it got underneath The Cartman’s skin. He found it “inappropriate” for the firehouse. I don’t have any idea why it bothered him so much, but each night I read it at work (which is where I get most of my reading done now, since Robby was born) he would grunt a disappointing growl and roll his eyes and ask when the hell I was going to finally finish. Whether it was the “chick flick” stigma, emotional undertones, or just a book mostly about dealing with dying and death I may never know, but it really annoyed him to see me reading this story. It actually got to the point that I didn’t want the book to end. I can’t find too many things that cause The Cartman’s skin to crawl for no real reason. It is one of the great joys in my life to have something that bothers him. So it was sad to see the final pages skip through my fingers. Don’t get me wrong, The Cartman is a good friend. There is no malice intended. We just love to cause each other grief. We know that it’s a good day when one of us tells the other “I hate you a little more each day.”

I have been receiving a ton of support for my List at work. This is a surprise because it easily could have led to my ridicule every time that I walked into the station. Hell, I expected it and was preparing a defensive scheme and everything to combat it. No one has had a single negative thing to say, at least to my face (and screw em if they won’t say it to me.) In a previous post I mentioned that Firefighter Ed was on the look out for a chance to let me meet Robin Williams. Today I received a phone call from a lady that said she had been “hired” my Charlie to teach me to ride a horse. So now I have a contact and a teacher so that I don’t die when I attempt to ride a horse. This has been one of the items that most people can’t believe I haven’t already done. I guess that is another reason for this project. To try and ensure that all the things that I’m supposed to have already done, but didn’t make the time in life to do, I get a chance to do. Funny thing is that I have been so busy with moving and life and everything that it’s my friends that are really pushing this list. Most of the items that I have crossed off have been directly related to someone reading or hearing about this crazy list and saying “Hey, I can help you with that.”

I also ran across a blog from a Melody that is interviewing people that are actively pursuing their dreams on a “bucket” list. Each Monday she is interviewing a different person about their list and an item on it. Check it out on my blogroll under 6 feet over. Some interesting people out there.

I can only hope that this all continues to go as well as it’s started…

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