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Moving sucks!!!

Ahh moving sucks!!! I can’t believe that I have wasted so much of my life moving from house to house. If you can’t guess we are neck deep into this move. I hate moving!!
Enough negativity… Our new house is going to be awesome! It has a lot more room, is in a great neighborhood with a bunch of our friends, has a bunch of kids for Robby to grow up with, close to the lake. We will finally be able to have more than one person over at a time. That was the biggest disappointment with our old house. It wasn’t designed to entertain anyone. We can actually have a comfortable dinner party at the new place.
I am very disappointed to have turned down an opportunity to check flying a craft off the list. Charlie was setting me up with a friend that has a glider and needs to get it up soon. He needs good weather to fly, however I need the same good weather to move our furniture. Miller says we can do it later, but it feels horrible to turn away from an opportunity, it goes against everything the list means. I’m suppossed to take advantage of every chance that life throws at me. I have learned that people do care about helping me with this.
Final days of the veggie vow and it seems to be what everyone wants to know about when they see me. Picked up dinner from the Happy Thai crew and that was the first thing they asked about when I walked through the door. These guys are great! Dani and I love eating there, and their new menu items have been great, even if I haven’t had them with meat yet. I also have never seen a better work atmosphere than what they have going on in their restaurant. They are always having a good time and seem to really enjoy their craft and their customers. If you get a chance go check them out. Good people making good fresh Thai food.
Wish me luck on finishing the move and getting on with our life!!

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