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Celebrating “Salumi”-style

The celebratory "Salumi" is on its way from Seattle as we speak.

Just a couple more days left til the Veggie Vow is over! I can not wait for it to end and I can go back to eating meat. Sorry for all those out there that may think that is cruel, but I am a firm believer that we are meant to eat animals. I have the utmost respect for vegetarians and vegans, but it is not a lifestyle that I can hang with for much longer.  I thought that this would get easier the longer that we went. That I would get used to it, but the last couple of days have been brutal. Having wicked cravings while being forced to sit and watch my firefighters eat burgers, ham and sausage didn’t help the situation any. At least tonight was my last night going veggie at work. I just survive the next four days and when I get back at work I’m back to being the happy carnivore that I love.

The Cartman and I decided that since we made it the entire 30 days that we would order a salumi from the Batali shop in Seattle. This is an item on the list, except that I am thinking that I need to go and visit the shop in order to mark it off the list.  We ordered a Winter Salumi and a Finnochiona. The Winter is a seasonal salumi that has three different peppercorns, garlic and milk solids. Yum!! I cannot wait to slice into it. The Finnochiona has cracked fennel, black pepper and a touch of curry which is going to be awesome! They are going to arrive on Friday and I will have to keep it packaged up until Sunday. Going to be the biggest test so far. I figure that I have made it this far so whats two more days of temptation right??

The best part of this ordering salumi has been the interest that the staff showed in what we were doing. They thought it was completely crazy to be vegetarian for 30 days, but went out of their way to hook us up with an order. Even though it was last minute they really came through and even found a way to get us the two that we really wanted. Even though any of their products are probably mouth-watering and delectable. We had an email conversation that was cool and they seem like great people working there. Placing this order has made me want to visit Seattle and have their lunch more than ever. It is a five course lunch that starts at noon and goes all afternoon. The menu is the chef’s discretion, but I imagine that it is HEAVILY loaded with cured meats and other delicious concoctions. Sounds like a giant slice of heaven right now!

I hope that everyone who reads this is wishing me luck, because I’m going to need it these last four days. Who would have thought that I would be this excited about a salami?

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