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Moving and a little more meditation

Well the move is finally underway.

Dani and I started taking some of our garage bins over to the new house. The new house is going to be great. So much more room and a much better neighborhood for Robby to grow up in. We have a bunch of friends that live out there and I practically grew up in the house of my best friends parents that live across the street now.  All that means that I will have more piece of mind when I am at work now. If something is to happen when I’m not there Dani will have plenty of help.

Dani and I also went to a photo shop and looked at cameras. She says she likes the camera that I would like to buy and wants me to get it (if nothing more than to stop talking about it.) Hopefully after this move I will be able to go out and get one.

Yesterday morning I went back in to work because no one showed up to cover the overtime. I was not happy about this. After two and a half days at the station I was looking forward to hanging out with Robby in the morning we could hang out with Dani in the afternoon. Work was not in the plan. When I got to the station Capt Miller and the crew were just starting a yoga workout which was great for working out all the unhappiness I had about being there. An hour of yoga and cardio later and I was too beat to care about being at work. Capt Miller then asked if G and I could give a meditation class like the one that we had from Jeana (the bone marrow donor walker) two nights before.

I think that we actually did a pretty good job of covering all the techniques that Jeana told us in our class. We didn’t meditate for very long, but we did get ten minutes or so. Better than nothing I say.

Then last night we went to dinner with Dani’s mom and some of her friends, well and our friends, at Simona’s (a local italian place.) I had to watch three of them eat one of my favorite things to eat in the whole world, Pollo alla Angelo, while I had Gnocchi all Caprese. Here’s the thing…my gnocchi is a great dish. Little potato pillows covered in a tomato, basil and mozzarella sauce with a little spice in there. It is delicious. But Pollo alla Angelo is a half chicken stuffed with prosciutto and covered with a garlic cream HEAVEN sauce. It was one of the hardest meals to stay veggie at. I am stoked to report that my veggie vow is still intact and that I have one week left til I can cross it off the list.

Well, keep checking in for more…hopefully items will start to get scratched off.

  1. frankg
    January 23, 2010 at 1:54 pm

    No wonder you need meditation.

    With a To Do list like that, I would need meditation, too. And probably medication.

    Maybe jump straight to Item 84. You only have to go as far as Brew It Up in downtown Sacramento.

    My daughter has done annual crew brews with her fire station staff; even come up with custom labels of the crew; the engine; the helicopter.

    That’s my form of meditation..and medication.

    Good luck on the list.

    • March 17, 2010 at 10:27 am

      Thanks for the comment and the lead to Brew It Up. My best friend is in Sac and will be having a baby soon. This will give me another reason to go and visit him. Keep up the good work by the way. I tune in every couple of days to see whats new over there.


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