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Family out before the storms arrive

Got home last night after a stint of OT at 651. The big news was the series of storms that are supposed to dump 10 to 20 inches of water on us.

Woke up this morning after a full night sleep (Thank you Robby!) to find partly cloudy bright blue skies!  Dani suggested that we take Daisey to the dog park so that she can get some good exercise before the week long storms hit. I was thinking that it was finally an opportunity to break out the baby back pack that we got for Christmas.

Taking Daisey to the dog park proved to be a challenge. She loved the park, but is had a few large mud puddles that she plowed through at full speed. She got filthy!! She went from blond little girl to dark dirt covered monster. I don’t know how she plowed under the mud and covered her entire face, but she did.

Robby and I on the Low Gap trail.

Thankfully the little trail through Low Gap Park ran right next to a little creek. Robby loved the backpack. He bounced around and checked out everything that we were walking by. Dani got a little nervous when I went down a rocky trail to the creekside to throw a stick for Daisey. She loved being able to run around and jump through the little creek. It was freezing in the water, but she thought it was the greatest thing ever. She transformed into our little girl again through the magic of splash.

Our family continued on down the trail and the weather started to turn. The clouds started to roll on in over our heads as we made the turn to head back to the truck. We made it back and pulled out of the parking lot just as the first large drops began to fall. Perfect timing…

Robby hanging our with his mommy.

Good news, good news!! We are getting ready to move to our new house. We went and received a key so that we can start moving in early. We won’t officially be out until February. Thankfully we have great new landlords that are allowing us to move stuff before we are technically in their house. Dani also caved in on letting me buy a camera, I just have to give her the full walk in closet at our new place. This has been a battle of sorts at our house because Dani wants to get lots of new things for the house. Coffee table, refrigerator, and a trunk. Of which we have no money for because of deposits and first and last months rent. So she relented as long as I give up the closet in the master bedroom. I am excited at being able to shop around with purpose in the near future.

In less inspiring news I want everyone to say a little prayer or send your thoughts and positive vibes, whatever you do to Maggie Singleton’s brother that was in a car accident. Hopefully he will make a speedy recovery.

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