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Happy New Years!!

Happy New Years 2010!!

After spending the day celebrating my son’s birthday, Dani and I got talked into going to a New Years fundraiser for the local skate park effort. Monte Carlo night in downtown Ukiah. Bobby, Dani’s older brother, worked us over for over an hour, pressuring us into agreeing to attending with them. Didn’t really know what to expect.

It was a blast! Even though we thought there was going to be more in attendance all four of us had a great time. Bobby taught the three of us…and most of the others there, how to play craps. I still don’t know all the intricacies of the game, but it was fun learning as much as I did. Our neighbors Tim and Chamise were there and showed us a good time ringing in the new year. Tim was running all around taking a lot of pictures through out the night. Should be interesting to see how they came out. Another highlight was listening to Top Shelf a local reggae rock band. Now I was told that they were going to do a mellow set, but it rocked! I actually can’t wait to go a see them again somewhere. Dani and I had a blast dancing into 2010.

A short trip to the bar, a small shuttle ride, a drive thru (where I apparently can place great orders) and we called it a night.

Trust me its not as serene and peaceful as it looks. Quite a few painful screams were emitted as we entered its icy water.

My alarm was ringing WAY to early this morning!! I had to jump out of bed and get from my in-laws (or Maime and Papa’s babysitting service) to our house and grab my work things and make it to the station. Three hours sleep made the morning a little rough, but I had a definite wake up coming. One of our engineers at the UFD has an annual polar bear swim and cioppino feed that I have never taken the opportunity to attend. The Cartman, Jlowe and I braved the frigid (45 degree) conditions and each took two dips and quick swims to the hot tub at the other end of the pool.Let me briefly describe what this short swim was like. Imagine if you can leaping off the patio and having a billion daggers repeatedly stabbing every square inch of your body. Then you have to gather yourself and force your limbs to work at moving yourself to through the swarming knives…or risk drowning. As your fingers finally seek out and grasp the edge of the pool and the warm promise of the hot tub just on the other side you realize you don’t have the ability to controlyour arms into lifting you over the edge and into that warm heavenly tub. With every once of energy and determination that you can muster your quivering and brittle arms lift you, oh so slowly lift you up and onto the edge. Then up and over you slowly slide into the hot bubbling oasis. All of a sudden the swarming swords are replaced by hundreds of thousands of angry bees that are doing their best to cover your skin with as much poison as they possibly can pump into you.

Then a minute or so into the seemingly never ending torture an endorphine rush sears through and makes the entire thing worth every second.

Trying to recapture some of the degrees that were lost in the pool with LarDog and JLowe.

It would have been a great B shift bonding moment, but two of my crew (Beck and Twink) wouldn’t take the plunge. Oh well. Good people, good soup, not such a great swim, but a great experience. In list news I started my vegetarian crusade today, even though I started out trying to procrastinate and manipulate my way out of it. I figured that I could just put it off til next month, but once again the Cartman stepped in and got me back on track. We had decided to go Veg after the new year, and we are going to go Veg for the next 30 days. So that great cioppino that I enjoyed was just broth. We haven’t decided if seafood counts as being vegetarian or not. But it just didn’t feel right, so seafood is out for 30 days also.

This item is going to be extremely difficult for me. I love meat, and my current diet is largely meat based. This item is largely influenced by the fact that my wife went vegan a few months ago. I was amazed that she didn’t have as much difficulty in finding good things to eat. The foods that she shared with me were very good and on paper appear to be healthier for me. That being said I have no desire to become a full time veggie head. I believe life is too short to not enjoy everything you can while you can. There are too many delicious things to pass on the rest of my life by going strictly veggie. However I do realize that I am not the twenty something that I would like to think I am anymore. I have found it easier to put the weight on now and WAY harder to get it back off. So I do want to make healthier choices in my overall diet, while still occasionally allowing indulgences.

This is really just a challenge of will power. I’m hoping that it reaffirm that I can control what I do and that I don’t have to feel addicted to anything.

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