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Tofu on accident

Well I walked right into crossing part of an item off when I went to lunch today.  It all started when we took Robby to his 1 year check up and we had to wait for the doctor for almost an hour. When we left the office, with a completely healthy one year old I’ll add, I was absolutely starving. So Dani and I went to Oco Time for a late lunch. Not paying close attention to what I was actually ordering we got a Tempura appetizer, I ordered a beef chan bowl. The waitress told me that my lunch came with a miso soup if I wanted it. Not ever having miso before I said that was great.

Then it arrived. A little bowl of soy broth, sea weed and tofu!!

My disgust of tofu has ran most of my adult life. I gave it a chance and all I can remember of the experience if some gloppy, chewy mess that cemented itself to my teeth. I have had a steadfast rule of avoiding tofu from that point forward…til today. As that cup stared me in the face I remembered that I had put giving tofu another chance as an item on the list. The damn tofu snuck up on me. My lovely wife was more than willing to take a picture for evidence (she was clearly enjoying this more than I was). Then I grimaced and placed the white cube in my mouth.

Not that bad. The soup was actually really delicious and the tofu was not the horrible nightmare that I had made it out to be in my mind. Still not one of my favorite things to chew on, but its not something that I need to make such a big deal about anymore. I figure I still have to try it a couple more times before I make a final verdict.

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