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A new set of kicks, intro to Cartman…and living without an H

#91 is in the books.

Yesterday I went and exchanged my Christmas gift from Cartman and now am the proud owner of a set of Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars. I have no idea why I have wanted to have a pair of these shoes. It was just something that was in the back of my mind for years. They aren’t my style (not that I really have any style), not really that cool, and probably will get me made fun of from my friends. I don’t care though. They are fun and actually really comfortable.

Just kicking it!

While we were down exchanging the shoes from the right size my wife wandered around and found a pair for Robby and a pair for her. So we all walked out with new Chucks.

This might be one of the most ironic items on the list due to the fact that Dani was dead set against me having a pair of Converse. Then I put them on the list…and she actually was planning to get me a pair. She just couldn’t find my size. (Note: Anyone in the market for Chuck Taylor’s should know that they run about a size to a size and a half bigger than most brands.) It really means a lot to me that Dani would go out of her way to help me with my list, even buying me something that she swore she would never let in the house. I really do have the best wife in the world. Scratch that. Best family in the world.

Cartman…what can I say. In an earlier post I mentioned the engineer that I work with that got me the shoes for Christmas. Apparently I didn’t give him enough page time because he let me know that he was disappointed that I “only” referred to him as my engineer. So a quick introduction to the man, the myth, not so much a legend. Mike “Cartman” Stewart is an engineer for Ukiah Fire on B shift. He enjoys his sailboat, food, island cultures, food, causing havoc, food, adventure races, food and long walks on the beach while eating good food. Actually he hates adventure races. We did a small adventure race as teammates and it was the single worse day of his life. I also have to admit that he has opened my edible horizons by making me try things that I would have passed on out of hand before.  We call him Cartman because he looks and acts just like the South Park character. I mean he could play the part if they ever make a live action movie.

Cartman is a great friend though. Would be there in a second if you ever needed him. Is willing to take up any challenge, no matter how crazy it sounds. Cartman is putting together a list of his own and helped me out with many ideas for my own list. Through the course of this journey he will be a major player in getting some of them accomplished. He is always coming up with ways for us to get them crossed off. Weekend trips to Seattle for a football game. Warrior runs though mud, fire, and hay stacks. He is willing to look past how goofy we may look and have the experience anyway. I’m actually hoping that he will sail us over to McCovey Cove in the Bohica for a Giants game so that I can cross that off the list. Stay tuned for more of what I’m sure will become the Cartman Chronicles.

In other news, I have a lead on another John Corippo. Actually it is Jon Corippo, but I’m trying to not hold that against him. He is a teacher that happens to live in California. We have shared a couple of emails and have plans to meet up in February. I plan on asking how he can go through life without the “h” in his name. I mean I think it would bug me to have my named misspelled, but he seems to be fine with it. All kidding aside he seems like an interesting guy and was enthusiastic about helping me out with the project. He even admitted to having googled and followed my internet blurbs for a while. Should be cool to see how another John, I mean Jon, does it. Who knows I may even make a new friend out of the deal.

  1. December 30, 2009 at 6:37 pm

    Ha! Johnny, when I was in high school, Chuck Taylor All Stars were the shoes we wore to play varsity basketball. High tops for the court, low tops for hanging out.They were the Air Jordans of their day back in the day. Truly state of the art. (Punks wore Keds) Came in any color you wanted as long as it was black. And cost $9. Kills me that they’re still around and more popular than ever. Can beehive hair be far behind?


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