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Starting out… #150 and #16

Well I finally finished my list…Bucket, Life, To Do. Whatever you want to call it. Here it is.

And this officially takes care of item #150. I will be documenting my progress through the list on this blog.

I would like to acknowledge that I feel that my hand was forced into starting on the list (even though I started counting books I’ve read since this summer when that item was created). You can follow the progress on my reading with the list on the Books Page. Some of the people in my life that had seen the list started helping me out on getting some of them crossed off. Such as #91 Own a pair of Chuck Taylors, my engineer got me a pair of them for Christmas. As Converse apparently uses different sizes than any other pair of shoes I have ever worn I have to return them and get a smaller pair. They are like large clown shoes on me. Which was really disappointing, but I am very excited to have them. Don’t ask me why. I figure that I won’t count it as complete until I have the pair that fits.

Dani (my wife) and Robby (my son) have also taken care of #16. Out new tradition is going out and delivering packages to those that have less than we are blessed to have on Christmas through the Ukiah Christmas Effort. It was a really eye opening experience and made us realize that as bad as we think we have it sometimes there are those that are way worse off. My family and I are truly blessed. I have a great job, we have a wonderful family, and our friends are second to none in the world. In order for me to accomplish all of the items on the list I am going to have a lot of support and help.

Robby all loaded up to deliver gifts in the fire truck.

Stay tuned for hopefully more adventures!!

  1. Cartman
    January 2, 2010 at 6:15 am

    I have decided that you do not get 16 until next year. A tradition is something you do more than once.

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